Dear Friends,
On behalf of FAMILYConnections - Happy New Year!
As 2017 begins, I invite you to learn more about FAMILYConnections and the impact of what we do with your support.
It's easy to do.  CLICK HERE - and watch one of two videos on our website which gives an overview of how our client's lives have been changed for the better through FAMILYConnections' services.  Or, read one of our client's stories and learn how they overcame their challenges and found hope and a second chance for a better life.
There are many ways to measure FAMILYConnections' positive impact.  One is through our Client Satisfaction Survey, a component of our Continuous Quality Improvement Program.
This anonymous survey was recently completed across all FAMILYConnections programs.  495 clients completed surveys and here is what they had to say:
Client Satisfaction Survey Results Sample
Agree or Strongly Agree
  I have made progress towards the goals that I have set for myself - 90%.
 I am satisfied with the services I receive - 93%.       
  I would recommend this agency to a friend or family member - 91%.

 Staff helps me learn new coping skills to help me better deal with stress - 91%.
  I am more hopeful since coming to FAMILYConnections - 89%.
A section of the survey allows individuals to provide open-ended responses to questions.  Here are some of the responses:
 "I am better because of FAMILYConnections.  I am thankful and hopeful."
  "Thank you for making it possible for people like myself to get help."
"Thanks for being patient with me and not giving up on me. 
And I love you FAMILYConnections."
  "FAMILYConnections is a great facility.  Through their help and support I
am encouraged to pursue a career in substance abuse counseling."
 "Ever since I've been at FAMILYConnections, my eyes have opened a lot more to
being a good parent.  FAMILYConnections has showed me what I was missing as a
parent and because of them, and the effort I put into wanting to change, I am a
little more active in my children's life."
These results are concrete proof that FAMILYConnections delivers meaningful services to our communities.  We are making an impact!
And survey results are used by staff to find new ways to make our services even better.  This is one of our ten agency Core Values - monitoring and evaluating our own performance to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.
FAMILYConnections is a growing family of specialized programs delivering professional counseling, skills-building, training, and prevention services to over 4,000 children, adults, and families each year.  We are a leading counseling and family support agency now active in 7 Counties including Essex, Passaic, Hudson and Morris.
With your support, our outreach and impact will continue to grow in the coming year bringing hope and second chances to more people than ever.
Together we are building strong families and communities.
Happy New Year!
Jacques Hryshko
Executive Director
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Thank You!