Dear Friends, 
We have launched our Annual Giving Campaign to raise needed funds for our counseling and family support programs.  Funds raised allow us to provide the highest quality services so our clients can achieve the best treatment and recovery outcomes. 
Please remember FAMILYConnections as you plan your end of the year charitable giving.
Celebrate hope and second chances by investing in the critical services provided by the agency. 
FAMILYConnections has been empowering families through hope for 137 years. We do this through our innovative counseling, skills-building, training and prevention services, helping people overcome major challenges including domestic violence, mental illness, addiction, trauma, poverty and so much more.  We guide them through a difficult journey giving them the tools they need to manage life's challenges.  Our track record is second to none. 
Learn more about how we create hope by watching one of two videos on our website RIGHT HERE, or by reading the story of Carnell, Family Hero, a man who was just trying to take care of his kids HERE.
On behalf of everyone we serve, thank you and best wishes for a happy holiday season. 
Jacques Hryshko
Executive Director
"With hope, all things are possible."

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