Dear Friends,
Happy Autumn!
Here are a few reasons to celebrate with FAMILYConnections this month....
Did you know that 23 million people in our country are recovering from addiction?  That's something to celebrate, and that is the message of National Recovery Month.
This health observance is sponsored every September by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  This is a time when people, young and old, celebrate their recovery from substance abuse and mental illness, sharing stories of second chances and transformed lives because of successful treatment and community support.
FAMILYConnections has been helping people achieve healthy and rewarding lives for decades.  We do this through our innovative counseling and support programs, helping women, men and teens strive for new lives.  Our programs include:
  • Outpatient Substance Abuse Program - treatment for adults and families at all stages of treatment
  • Clean & Cool - substance abuse treatment and life skills training for high risk teens
  • StrongMothers & StrongFathers - gender specific intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment along with parenting and life skills training
  • Wellness House - intensive outpatient treatment and support services for adults living with persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders.
We could not do what we do without our dedicated staff.  This month we celebrate not only the recovery of our consumers; we also celebrate the great work of our staff.   Meet our Addictions Services Team!
What they do really works!  Click here and see our StrongMoms take part in wellness activities like yoga, nutrition counseling, family night and being in the outdoors!
Meet some of our
StrongMoms and StrongDads!
Falls Prevention
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of four people, aged 65 years or older, will fall this year.  Many falls do not cause injury.  But, one out of 5 does, causing a serious injury such as a broken bone or a head injury.  Therefore it's important that older adults learn what can be done to prevent falls so they can maintain their independence and quality of life.
That's the message of Falls Prevention Awareness Week (September 22nd-28th) - and that's the purpose of  "A Matter of Balance", an award-winning program delivered by FAMILYConnections designed to reduce the risk of falling while increasing the activity levels of older adults who have a concern about falling.  In the past year, our Adult Services Team has delivered 6 workshops to 67 older adults.  Here are a few words from the Executive Director of the Montclair Inn senior residence after one of these workshops:
"Our residents just completed the "Matter of Balance" Workshop with Alon and Miriam today.  They thoroughly enjoyed each presentation and learned quite a bit.  Alon and Miriam were professional, patient, and very helpful with each of our residents.  This was a wonderful experience for our seniors..."
Preserving the independence and improving the health and wellbeing of older adults is one way that FAMILYConnections builds strong families in Essex County.  To learn more about future workshops, please contact Alon Hawkins at
Stronger Families
At the end of August, 17 families successfully completed the summer cycle of our Strengthening  Families of Essex (SFOE) program - an evidenced based prevention and support program for the whole family delivered at convenient locations throughout Essex County.  This program teaches families how to communicate better for improved family bonding.
"What was very cool is that 3 grandmothers took part in these programs as they are helping their own children in raising their grandchildren" says Amanda Santana, FAMILYConnections Program Director.  "Three generations in the room together!"
"Also, under the direction of our Spanish Group Cycle Caregivers, the kids in our Spanish group put on a mini concert of the songs they learned in English such as their ABC's.  These kids did not even know their ABC's prior to the group."
Congratulations to these families! 
To learn more about future programs please contact
Ready for High School
Even though school was out for the summer, it is never quiet at our four school-based programs.  The Space at Orange High School hosted its annual summer transitional program for incoming sophomores from July 5th - August 29th. 
Approximately thirty students participated in academic enrichment activities, interactive team building activities, life-skills groups and weekly field trips.  All of these activities are
designed to ease the transition from Middle to
High School and encourage kids to believe in themselves and succeed!

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