Engendering Hope, Enhancing Safety, Healing Trauma,
and Strengthening Families and Communities
Dear Friends, 
This week is not only Thanksgiving but National Family Week.  Both of these occasions celebrate the importance of strong families.  Strong families create safe, supportive and caring communities.  They also help children live better lives and grow to be confident adults.  Strong families help us all prosper and thrive.
For 137 years, FAMILYConnections has been building strong families through innovative counseling, skills-building, training, and prevention services.  We are motivated every day by our vision - a world in which everyone is nurtured by strong families and safe communities, and has the hope and resilience to reach their dreams.
Hope Lives Here!  At FAMILYConnections, that's our guiding light, our core principle.
This week, as we gather together with loved ones, let's remember the importance of family by honoring and supporting those we love - something to be done 365 days a year.
From our family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!!
Jacques Hryshko
Executive Director
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GIVING TUESDAY, November 29th

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