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A Broader View
Thought-provoking ideas from the 2015 HRH Annual Meeting
Dear ,
Eric Port

There is an invigorated sense of buoyancy, faith, and gratitude for God’s goodness in the atmosphere at High Ridge House today. It’s been about a week since we all gathered for our Annual Meeting, and the love and support that were shared by you, our friends, continue to reverberate through the halls and in the hearts of each of us. We thank you!

That love and support which you expressed goes outward into the broader sphere of man’s activities. Thought is trending in a direction which will ultimately reveal the value of Christian Science nursing to the world at large. This nursing ministry, founded by Mary Baker Eddy in her Church Manual, is poised to meet the need of humanity for the tender love of the Christ. As Christine Driessen, our Annual Meeting keynote speaker, related in her remarks: Christian Science nursing and Christian Science nursing facilities are exactly what the world needs and what it is actively seeking.

Christine gave examples of doctors and other medical practitioners who are finding that material means and methods are not curing disease. She described one doctor who told a medical school class that “God alone cures!”  Another medical professor meets regularly for Bible study.  Yet another doctor had a passage from Science and Health on his office wall with which one patient prayed until he was healed (see "The Seen and the Unseen" in The Christian Science Journal, May 2009).

Christine went on to describe Christian Science nursing facilities as providing a bridge to the medical community.  She asked us to expect to see medical doctors coming to Christian Science nursing to learn more about how to care for patients without medicine, while the patient radically relies upon spirituality for healing.  That sheds light on a thought-provoking statement Mary Baker Eddy makes in Science and Health about “the importance that doctors be Christian Scientists.”

At High Ridge House, we continue to broaden our views of what CS nursing is and what it can become to the world. Understanding that Truth is universal, not reserved for a particular sect or religion, we are cherishing in ourselves, in the patients who come to us for Christian Science nursing care, and in all of humanity, the perfect man - made in the spiritual image and likeness of God.  Christian Science nursing blesses all mankind.

This is one of the ways in which we can express “…a more expansive love” resulting from a ”scientific sense of being, forsaking matter for Spirit.”  And it brings with it “a higher and more permanent peace.” (see S&H, page 265)
With love,

Eric Port
Director of Christian Science Nursing
P.S. On our website, you can hear Christine's full talk, along with the other reports given at our Annual Meeting.

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