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January 2016
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From Resolution to Reformation
Dear ,
Here we are on January 1, wishing you a Happy New Year ... and thinking of the traditional New Year's Resolutions.
A common resolution scenario:
January 1:  Many people resolve to establish a regular exercise program. It is the first week in January. The gym is full. People diligently follow their prescribed routines. Enthusiasm and determination characterize the general atmosphere. Expectations are high.
Second week in January: The gym is not quite so full. But the participants are still hopeful.
End of January: Noticeable difference. The crowd has dwindled. Many are not so sanguine about their prospects.
Beginning of March: It is pretty much back to the regulars who were there consistently before January 1 of the New Year. There are many similar examples of New Year's Resolutions gone awry.
But should not a resolution also lead to reformation? Shouldn't it include the expectancy of change and its achievement? And would it bring different, more consistent results if it were spiritually based?
Mary Baker Eddy gives the world a promising possibility for new resolutions when she writes:
"We must resolve to take up the cross, and go forth with honest hearts to work and watch for wisdom, Truth, and Love." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 15:18-20).
What would the commitment to such a resolution do for us, for the cause of Christian Science and for the world? Our Leader gives us a glimpse:
"If half the attention given to hygiene were given to the study of Christian Science and to the spiritualization of thought, this alone would usher in the millennium." (Science and Health, p. 382:5-8).
Every healing in Christian Science contributes to the ultimate achievement of this millennial state. The Board of Trustees of High Ridge House believes that Christian Science nursing helps humanity achieve this goal. This is one of the reasons we serve on the Board and support the work of HRH's dedicated Christian Science nurses, staff, employees and volunteers.
What great reformation may be gained from spiritual resolution!
We wish you a Happy New Year filled with the inspiration of spiritual resolve.
With love,
The High Ridge House Board of Trustees

Fran Hall, President                Candace Cuniberti

Victoria Brademan                  John Ingersoll

Marilyn Bradshaw  

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