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March 2016
For Women's History Month:
"History repeats itself; tomorrow grows out of today. But Heaven's favors are formidable: they are calls to higher duties, not discharge from care; and whoso builds on less than an immortal basis, hath built on sand."
  - Mary Baker Eddy
Christian Healing, p. 1
Bobbi Wallace
Jo Dickinson
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Sandra Block-Effron
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Eric Port
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“From Strength to Strength We Go”1
Dear ,
You will probably agree that it takes great skill, wisdom, love, and dedication to be a Christian Science nurse (CSN). It takes even greater skill to be a CSN and a manager. So I think qualified candidates for CSN management positions are very precious.
High Ridge House has happily welcomed three such Christian Science nurses to its already strong Christian Science nursing team in the past month:
Bobbi Wallace is a visiting CSN from Virginia. She has been traveling off and on to High Ridge House for months to help care for in-patients. She has now committed to a several-month assignment as the interim Manager of our Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service to help us expand our team’s ability to respond to more calls over a wider area.
Bobbi notes, “It is a privilege to respond to these calls and witness the comforting effect of love and proper care in the lives of patients, those who care for them, and ourselves. To me, it is a work that is to the glory of God.”
 ♥ ♥ ♥
Jo Dickinson, a very experienced CSN with a variety of private duty and facility experiences, has just moved from Oregon to be one of two Assistant Directors of Christian Science Nursing (ADCSN). She will have a special focus on mentoring and training staff as part of our continuous improvement program.
When asked what brought her here, Jo replied, “I’m always asking God how to be a better Christian Science nurse. How to love better and heal more quickly, wholly and consistently. My desire to know and obey divine Love’s standard of care surprisingly and naturally led me to High Ridge House. I am looking forward to all of us learning more from God about this highest standard of care.”
  ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Sandra Block-Effron, our former Director of Christian Science Nursing (DCSN) has been mentoring, as a part-time consultant, her successor Eric Port since she left eleven months ago. (CSN managers develop largely via on-the-job mentoring since there are no "Masters of CSN Facility Administration" programs.) We asked Sandy if she would return full-time for six months as interim DCSN to oversee, in part, the mentoring of Bobbi, Jo, and Eric.
“I love High Ridge House and I love mentoring. When High Ridge House called to offer me an interim position helping with these additional transitions, I prayed, I heard, and I came. Just like when I began my CSN training at HRH during my college years.”
   ♥ ♥ ♥ 
With Sandy back in the DCSN role for this interim period, Eric Port has moved into a newly-created second ADCSN position. In addition to helping manage the CSN team, he (rather than I) will oversee the food service team so its staff, our patients, and our guests can benefit from his expertise gained from owning and managing a restaurant for several years.
You may recall that the metaphysical theme on which High Ridge House has focused for the past year is “a more expansive love.”2 I am very grateful that God has brought us these four talented Christian Science nursing managers who express such expansive love. And I am very grateful for the many talented regular and temporary staff who expressed (and continue to express) such love while helping cover managerial work as we found the right people willing and able to fill these positions.3
"From strength to strength we go ..."
With love and joy,
Virginia Hughes
Executive Director
1 Hymn 65, Christian Science Hymnal
2 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, pg. 265.
3 Because Sandy and Bobbi preferred interim assignments, we still have posted openings for an Assistant Director of Christian Science Nursing and a Manager of the Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service on our Career opportunities webpage.

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