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April 2016
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Volunteer Day + Lecture
Join us Saturday, April 23rd, as High Ridge House welcomes the Hudson Valley Prin Club and other volunteers to a day filled with gardening, painting and other springtime projects.
Christian Science practitioner Christie Cern Hanzlik will give a Christian Science lecture for youth (and youthful thinkers!) entitled, "You are the light of the world." This talk is sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist - Englewood, NJ.
The Volunteer Day activities start at 9:30am (rain or shine) and the lecture starts at 3pm. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers. Bring your own gardening tools, please.
Christie Cern Hanzlik, CS
Dear ,
We love visiting you...
From Riverdale to the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, mid-state New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and even Philadelphia, our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service staff loves to visit and care for you.
We respond to calls, expecting immediate healing based upon Christian Science. With Christian encouragement, we cleanse and bandage, assist with showers or baths, prepare meals or modify food, or help transport a loved one to the peaceful haven of High Ridge House. Besides providing services like these, we can give you ideas to help you care for a family member or friend. Such care says to family, friends, and neighbors, "Yes, we, who worship God in the Christian Science church, do take care of our loved ones and can rely on professional Christian Science nurses for their spiritual intuition and practical skills and experience." 
The following testimony is an example of how we can come to you and you can come to us: "Our toddler son fell and cut his forehead during a picnic lunch. We were grateful for the calmness of our friends who helped us temporarily bandage the wound. Our son was soon back up and playing with his friends, but we felt it would be wise to have the wound cleaned and bandaged by a Christian Science nurse. After lunch, we drove from the picnic location to High Ridge House. We called ahead to let the facility know we were coming. Two Christian Science nurses graciously met us outside in the parking lot and attended to our son while he slept in his car seat. Unfortunately, our son woke up before they were able to finish their work, and since he was not being a very cooperative patient, we drove home. 
The next day, a Visiting Christian Science nurse came to our home to complete bandaging the wound. She was so calm and gentle. Our son was entirely cooperative and she had no trouble applying the bandage. She showed us how to change it and left us with the necessary materials. Several days later, our family was at High Ridge House for a volunteer gardening party. The Christian Science nurse who had come to our home suggested that we stop by the outpatient room where she could check on the healing progress. Our son decided to crawl under the table in the room. Without missing a beat, this Christian Science nurse got under the table with him and effortlessly changed the bandage. 
As we left, our son said matter-of-factly and completely unprompted, "I just felt God all around. I didn't feel any bandage changing at all." I was amazed since, although we had been praying for our son, we hadn't specifically discussed God before going into the outpatient room. Our son's words have stayed with me as a very clear proof of the healing atmosphere maintained in a Christian Science nursing facility."
Wherever it takes place, the Christian Science nursing activity is an expression of divine Love's "supporting influence and protecting power..."(Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, 387:27). As we serve you, together, we are leaning on and witnessing God's immediate and ever-present help to restore and heal. 
Please call us.* We would love to visit you!
Bobbi Wallace
Visiting Christian Science Nurse
*You can reach the High Ridge House Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service 24/7 at 646-893-8270 (cell) or 718-796-4200 x285 (office).

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