High Ridge House Announcement
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May 2016
Save the Date
Saturday, June 18, 2016
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Join us for this yearly event of great food, fellowship,
fun and activities for kids!
There will also be a special tribute for our wonderful volunteers.
If you would like to come, please email rsvp@higridgehouse.org or
call 718 796-4200 x203.
A Big Thank You!!!
Our heartfelt thanks go to the Hudson Valley Principia Club and other volunteers who recently donated, planted, raked and mulched (over 300 flowers plus lilac bushes and red maples!), transforming our front plaza.
Executive Director Virginia Hughes and Co-Assistant Directors of
Christian Science Nursing Jo Dickinson and Eric Port
Dear ,
"Governed by a power benign"
We just got back!  The Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing (AOCSN) held its Annual Conference in Virginia from May 2-5.  The Board of Trustees and managers of High Ridge House participated in this year’s gathering that focused on the theme - “Governed by a power benign.” It is a line from the Christian Science Hymn 141:
"Make our planting timely, true,
Governed by a power benign;
Nourish by a heavenly dew
All the branches and the vine."
Just what is AOCSN?
AOCSN, you could say, is the “family” of Christian Science nursing organizations. Its purpose is to “foster communication and mutual support among Christian Science nursing organizations by gathering and disseminating valuable information about Christian Science nursing standards, Christian Science nursing education, Christian Science nursing management, and organizational administration and governance.” Every year, AOCSN hosts a conference that serves as a “springboard for inspiration and illumination” to help carry on this very important ministry.
The keynote address - Our Christian Compact: Love the Brethren - by Emily Byquist, CS, of St. Louis, Missouri, set the metaphysical tone that underpinned the tenor of the meeting. In addition, Allison Phinney and Margaret Rogers, two members of the Christian Science Board of Directors of The Mother Church, through a video conference, answered questions and encouraged participants in their healing work.
Attention was focused on topics central to the success of Christian Science nursing and the organizations that support this healing mission. Some of these issues included sustainability, Christian Science nursing standards, government regulations, insurance, Medicare questions, the Christian Science Provider Network and benevolence. Also, attention was given to providing support for one another through mentoring, networking and on-going active AOCSN committees. All in all, participants left with new information, renewed energy and inspiration.
Sharing with others working in the Christian Science nursing field remain one of our springboards for inspiration. Share with us your ideas for illumination.
With love,
The Board of Trustees
Fran Hall, President                    Marilyn Bradshaw
Vicky Brademan                          Candace Cuniberti

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