High Ridge House Announcement
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July 2016
Saturday, September 17th 
2:00PM - 5:00PM
High Ridge House
Keynote Speaker:
Andrea J. McCormick, CS
Title of Address: "Medicine or Mind"
Glad So Many of You Came!!!
It was great to have about 125 guests at our Annual Picnic & BBQ! Thank you to those of you who came...and for those of you who missed it...See you next year!
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Gratitude and Freedom
Our Leader Mary Baker Eddy remarks, “Are we really grateful for the good already received? Then we shall avail ourselves of the blessings we have, and thus be fitted to receive more” (Science & Health, 3:22-24).
To that question, our answer is a resounding YES!  We are grateful for the love and support that has poured forth.  In our June ENews, we issued A Call to Action to our fellow spiritual warriors in the field.  A few generous donors helped us initiate a Matching Funds Drive of $40,000 and within three weeks we had met the match! You helped make it happen! Thank You So Much!
Just a few of the heartwarming notes and comments people have shared:
  • “I'm not on your mailing list but my daughter let me know about your financial challenge so enclosed is $1,000 to help you.”                     -From a Christian Scientist for 87 years
  • ”Here, take a copy of my credit card - I would like to give HRH $200 today.”- a young Christian Scientist professional
  • “In special appreciation for the love and care given to my mother during her stay at High Ridge House. This $500.00 gift is in addition to my regular monthly gift.”
  • “We hope this $500 gift reaches you in time to be part of the matching program about which you emailed a few days ago. Thank you for letting us know of the need.”
  • With a $20.00 online donation from out-of-state came this note-“Thanks for the dedicated efficient service you give the Christian Scientists in the New York Area, both admin and nursing staff and for the healing taking place every minute.”
With each of these wonderful accounts of support for Christian Science nursing, we feel humbly grateful. And as our gratitude increases, more good continues to come our way.
Isn't that true about any healing experience?  When we find ourselves dealing with a challenge, gratitude opens our thought to the abundant good and harmony that is present; we see more clearly the true reality of being and existence. We are reminded of Christ Jesus' well known clarion call to freedom, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." By being grateful, our thought is raised to the spiritual realm of the real, and we experience freedom and healing.
A New Opportunity
We realize the $80,000 raised represents 10% of the $800,000 being retained by Medicare.  Nevertheless, we remain buoyant with hope because of the field’s inspired response to our recent request.
We are now embarking on a second Matching Funds Drive for  $40,000  thanks again to thoughtful, generous donors.
So, if you feel moved to express your gratitude for the freedoms you have experienced through Christian Science treatment, click the bell of freedom below and give a gift to support Christian Science nursing at High Ridge House.
For you, your prayers and gifts of love for our work, we are so very grateful.
~Marivic B. Mabanag
Development Director  

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