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March 2015
A Nurse Prays
This day
Let Thy gentle caring
Be seen in each smile, each deed.
This day
Let Thy Christ
Born in each one
Bloom in every thought.
So shall
Thy tender constancy
Encourage, warmly reassure
These dear children Love alone is here
In Thine allness, Father-Mother,
Let them find their wholeness—
Fearless, free, unchanged.
Christian Science Sentinel  Nov 20, 1978
on High Ridge House
In a few weeks, please look for an update from High Ridge House on these important topics:
 * Results of the recent survey
 * Results of discussions with
 * Thoughts about our location
The information will also be posted on our website at the same time.  Stay tuned!
Employment Opportunities
There are opportunities at High Ridge House for experienced
Christian Science nurses
including those who would like to relocate to the NYC area.
 More information can be found on our website.
Love in Action:
Visiting Christian Science Nursing
Love for God and man is the true incentive in both healing and teaching. Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way. Right motives give pinions to thought, and strength and freedom to speech and action.
(Mary Baker Eddy, Science & Health p. 454)
Dear ,
Visiting Christian Science nursing is a spiritual calling—a ministry.  We are spiritual witnesses to healing, standing with you in the truth. We are always praying—healing our own thought and listening to God. We meet you where you are, offering loving and practical support.
Recently I received a call from a son requesting help for his mother, who had fallen. Her head was bleeding. I felt such compassion for the woman and began to pray. The son wondered if they should take her to a hospital. I could hear the mother—a lifelong Christian Scientist—dismissing that idea. She hadn’t been to a hospital in almost five decades since the birth of her last child.  She called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for her. I reassured the dear one and her family that I could be there quickly to help her.   As a Visiting Christian Science nurse, I always have a bag packed with various nursing supplies.
I expected a full and complete healing. I helped her into a comfortable chair and began to cleanse and bandage the area on her head. We sang inspiring hymns. While we shared our stories, I continued to pray as the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy teach us. When I checked on her the next day, all was healed.
The quality of thought and motive in Christian Science nursing is an expression of practical metaphysics—of divine Love meeting the human need. The Christian Science nurse is listening and supporting the embrace of Love and the wisdom of Mind. No matter what the need, the Christian Science nurse holds spiritual perfection in thought.. We have the full expectation of complete and immediate healings because we hold to God’s perfect child right here and right now. And we rejoice in gratitude for every healing.
For those within a couple of hours of New York City, please feel free to call the High Ridge House Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service at 718-796-4200 ext 285 or email vcsns@highridgehouse.org. If you are not in the vicinity, you can find the Christian Science nurse nearest you in The Christian Science Journal or online. Christian Science nurses can be called day or night. Whatever your care need is, the Christian Science nurses’ prayer is that they are available to help you right where you are.
With love and support,
Gail Mayes
Gail Mayes
Manager, Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service

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