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May 2015
Update on High Ridge House
Next week we will be mailing a letter on these important topics:
 * Current Financial Situation
 * Medicare Reclassification
 * Community Dialogues and
     Survey Results
 * Location and Future of HRH
 * Metaphysical Focus
For an advance copy of the letter and survey results, click here  
You're Invited! 
Annual Independence Day
Picnic BBQ
Saturday, June 27th
3:00 - 6:00 P.M.
Join us for fun, food, festivities, and a tribute to our volunteers!
Save the Date!
2015 High Ridge House Annual Meeting
"a more expansive love"
Keynote Speaker:
Christine Driessen, CSB
Sunday, September 20, 2015
2:30 P.M. 
Employment Opportunity
High Ridge House is seeking an experienced Christian Science nurse to fill the position of
Assistant Director of CS Nursing
 More information can be found on our website.
Trusting Our Father-Mother God
Many families throughout the world will soon be celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day.  Reflecting on these occasions, we are reminded of a term Mary Baker Eddy uses where she notes, “Father-Mother is the name for Deity which indicates His tender relationship to His spiritual creation.” (Science & Health 332:4) That tenderness is expressed so beautifully in this verse from the Christian Science Hymnal (#374):child-like trust
      We thank Thee, Father-Mother,
      For blessings, light and grace
      Which bid mankind to waken  
      And see Thee face to face.
      We thank Thee, when in anguish
      We turn from sense to Soul,
      That we may hear Thee calling:
      Rejoice, for thou art whole.
Perhaps you can recall a time in your life when your father or mother or another dear one held you close during a moment of distress and the fear disappeared as love enveloped you.  Turning from a sense of pain and uncertainty to our Heavenly Parent provides comfort and security as nothing else can.  It is found in feeling a complete and perfect spiritual love -- spiritually sensing and trusting God who is Love itself. 
Can we cultivate this childlike trust and feel this powerful love?  Yes we can -- through listening to the divine voice and feeling this divine love that brings us ever closer to God, our loving Parent.
At High Ridge House, our Christian Science nursing staff is listening along with each patient, trusting God’s healing power with confidence.  As a sanctuary for healing and renewal, we provide an environment that encourages our patients and guests to feel this Father-Mother Love and tangibly experience “divine Science or the Holy Comforter.” (see S&H 331:31).   Through the sacred ministry of Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses, patients at HRH and those receiving care at home feel the touch of the Christ.
This type of nursing goes far beyond physical care.  It supports and comforts and surrounds us with unconditional love.  Then we wake to our perfect selfhood and we experience healing.  Each one of us has the ability to both give and receive this comforting, nurturing love.  That is true nursing.
As you think of the Christian Science nurse within you, may you feel and share the healing touch of this Father-Mother Love to bring comfort to yourself and others.
With love and joy,
Marivic Mabanag        Kevin Massey
Development Director        Executive Director                         

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