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August 2014
Volunteers singing at the Independence Day Picnic
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Being willing to serve in any way that is needed is what I like best. It's fun, with everyone helping each other, to get an event up and running. ~~ An Event Volunteer
My husband was at High Ridge House twice. All the nurses are wonderful! In a way, I feel that by volunteering I'm giving back for what they did for my husband. ~~ A Church Rep
See photos and read an account from our recent Independence Day picnic in appreciation of our volunteers. 
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High Ridge House
Annual Meeting

Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.

First Church of Christ, Scientist
White Plains, NY  

Lona Ingwerson, CS
High Ridge House is very blessed to have a willing, talented group of 125 volunteers serving "the Lord with gladness." (Ps 100: 2) From Church Readers to Church Reps; from visiting weekly with patients to helping out occasionally with large events; from holiday performing to assisting with clerical projects, our appreciation abounds for all!

In recent conversations, volunteers expressed gratitude for the opportunity to witness and share the “living, palpitating presence of Christ, Truth…” (S&H 351:14)  Here's how they answered the question about why they volunteer at High Ridge House:
I feel the atmosphere of thought there—tender love, commitment to Truth,     appreciation of good, expectation, gratitude—and it’s wonderful to be submerged in that and also to feel that I can contribute to it.
                                                                     Marilyn L. Bradshaw, CS
                                                                     Wednesday Reader
Whether I'm singing to or along with the guests at HRH, as well as reading the Lesson Sermon, I enjoy feeling the divine everpresence of our Father-Mother Love. ...it’s about sharing—being about my Father’s business.  The atmosphere there is so loving, and the location is so beautiful! 
                                                                     Osceola Davis-Smith
                                                                     Sunday Reader
I volunteer at HRH because I’ve received so many blessings and healings, thanks to Christian Science, and volunteering is my way of giving something back.  You can’t help but feel God’s presence there, and you feel so uplifted.
                                                                     Jennette Gregory
                                                                     Church Rep & Reader
I’ve been a Reader on Wednesday for a few years now, and it’s the most holy, holy experience.  I’ve had the privilege to get to know the guests and staff, and their testimonies are so inspiring, they blow me away!  Once I started doing it, I wouldn’t give up reading on Wednesday for anything!
                                                                     Georgia Engel
                                                                     Wednesday Reader
Aren’t these responses wonderful? They make us feel nursed by our volunteers. Nursing helps us grow and feel glad. Part of a dictionary definition for volunteer is “grow spontaneously.” What a concept! Volunteering at HRH is filled with glad and spontaneous moments. Would you like to volunteer and be a part of our mission? Please send an email to Janet, jrosen@highridgehouse.org, to let her know what you'd like to do and when you'd be available.

We would also like to hear your own inspiring volunteer story.  Send it along to dialogue@highridgehouse.org.

May we all serve the Lord with gladness and love,
Janet and Lynn

Lynn Meyerson, Director of Outreach and Hospitality
Janet Rosen, Volunteer Coordinator

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