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It has been an incredible six months here at International Health Partners. As we reach the halfway point of 2021, we are thrilled to announce that we have nearly surpassed the total number of treatments sent throughout the whole of 2020, shipping 5.6 million treatments so far, in 26 shipments to 20 countries – that’s approximately 1.8 million people who have been supported because of partners like you.
Despite ongoing hurdles, such as COVID-19 restrictions and shipping constraints, we have sent 90 Essential Health Packs since the beginning of the year, with recent shipments to Ethiopia and Somalia. We have also onboarded ten new corporate partners, that have offered a wide variety of products, including large donations of much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
In Corporate Corner this month, we discuss our ongoing disaster response in Palestine; our new partnership with Lundbeck to increase access to mental health medicine in the Middle East; and an introduction to our NGO partner, HelpAge, and how you can get involved to support our work with them in Ethiopia.   
A special thanks to Accord
In our last newsletter, we put out an appeal for support with one of our newest partners, World Child Cancer (WCC) in Malawi. We were overwhelmed with the response and are delighted to share that we’re building our first shipment. We would like to give a special thanks to Accord who responded generously, providing support for both our immediate and annual requirements for Malawi. Thank you!
Appeal: HelpAge Ethiopia 
HelpAge International oversees a global network of organisations that promote the right of all older people to lead lives that are dignified, healthy and secure. It is running a project that seeks to integrate emergency life-saving assistance for vulnerable refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, and their host communities in Ethiopia. The project will improve access to community and facility-based preventative and curative healthcare and rehabilitation services including the prevention of COVID-19.  
Due to complex import processes in Ethiopia, all medicines procured for the programme must have a minimum of 60% shelf life remaining at the time of arrival in the country as per the Food and Drug Administration of Ethiopia regulations.  
The needs list for HelpAge Ethiopia is targeted around non-communicable diseases. If any of our partners can support by donating any of the following products, please get in touch at  
Responding to urgent needs in Palestine
In May, we launched a response to the humanitarian needs created by the escalation in the Israel-Palestine conflict. We will soon be sending a shipment of wide-ranging basic healthcare medicines, including antibiotics and vital supplies of chronic health medicines to Gaza. In addition, we have two shipments bound for Gaza and the West Bank containing vital mental health medicine.
Thank you to all our partners who have responded to this appeal. The need in Palestine continues to grow and we have a large needs list covering medicines and medical supplies for all our disaster responses. If you might be able to help, please email me at for more information. 
Increasing mental health support in the Middle East and Africa with Lundbeck
We are delighted to have launched our partnership with H. Lundbeck A/S, the Denmark-based, global pharmaceutical company specialising in brain diseases. This partnership will mark the first ever mental health programme offered by IHP. Manufactured to be donated, the medication provided by Lundbeck will enable IHP to offer targeted programmes in the Middle East & Africa (MEA), and through this partnership we hope to lighten the burden for those living with poor mental health, raise awareness of mental health conditions and provide vital access to underserved communities. 
In the last month, we have sent three shipments of mental health medicine to Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. This partnership has been particularly timely as we respond to the growing healthcare crisis in Gaza and the West Bank.  
Thank you to Lundbeck for making this programme possible and for the many lives your donation will impact. We are so excited for the future of this partnership! 
Shipping "life saving" medication to Democratic Republic of Congo
The Panzi hospital in DRC specialises in the medical care of women who have suffered sexual violence. The donated medicines we receive from partners like you, help patients with bacterial and parasitic infections, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiac pathologies, candidiasis and other fungal infections, asthma, osteoarticular diseases, gastric pathologies, and hypercholesterolemia. A recent shipment that included antibiotics, painkillers and medication for diabetes, was distributed to help about 12,450 patients, including 545 children.  
Dr Bihehe Masemo cares for those living with HIV/AIDS at the hospital, and said the medicines we send help him to treat “all the opportunistic infections that most people with HIV/AIDS come to us with”. The fluconazole we send is especially helpful in relieving patients who come with cryptococcal meningitis. “This drug is not on the market here in Bukavu,” Dr Masemo told us, “but it helps us a lot in the management of patients.This drug is a strategic drug and has truly saved lives.” Receiving donations from IHP, he added, “will help us continue to take care of patients who do not have the means”. 
Thanks to the generous support from partners like you, healthcare workers like Dr Masemo, are able to provide their patients with the medical care they need,  preventing the needless suffering of hundreds, even thousands of people, caused by a lack of access to medicine. Thank you so much.
Step up for global health
There is still time for individuals to register for our July fundraising campaign, Step Up for Global Health. We're challenging you to walk 10,000 steps or more every day throughout the month to raise vital funds and awareness for our work. For more information visit:  
Thank you 
Lydia Amartey-Williams - Corporate Partnerships Manager

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