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This month's newsletter is a slightly different one: rather than sharing our usual updates on KDI's projects, we want to tell you about the current situation in Kibera, where things can - and often do - change overnight.
As climate change takes hold, the breakdown of climate patterns and increasing severity of weather events have devastating consequences for residents of Kibera and other informal settlements.
After months of unusually dry weather, water shortages, and trash build-up in Kibera's waterways in what was billed Kenya's "worst drought in 38 years", our community partners were suddenly hit with catastrophic flooding after just one heavy rainfall. Many homes, businesses, and lives have been destroyed.

Disasters like this are the new normal in informal settlements - eroding stability, security, and wellbeing for hundreds of thousands of people.
But it's not international aid agencies or governments who are first in line to prepare and respond for these emergencies - it's community members themselves. That's why KDI is working closely with Kibera residents to develop new tools and organize community actions to cope with climate risk.

From reinforcing riverbanks with planting and stone gabions to diligently clearing drainage channels of trash so they run freely when it rains, our community partners are stepping up to protect their families, friends, and communities.
Our partners in Kibera are fighting on the front lines of climate change. Will you stand with them?
Find out more about how we are working with communities to adapt to climate change on our website. You can also check out this recent article we wrote about Kibera's relationship with the surrounding watershed, and our award-winning paper on community-responsive adaptation to flooding.

Finally, if you missed it in March - here's a video of KDI's Vera Bukachi at Hague Talks explaining why women and girls in Kibera are climate warriors!

Thank you, as always, for your support.

The KDI team

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