The Arts at Long Beach City College need your help!
Send the LBCC Dance Team to an International Competition!
"Jacob's Pillow"
We are thrilled to announce that the LBCC Student Dance Team has been selected to perform “Ebony Suite” at Jacob’s Pillow this August.  The Pillow, located in Becket, Massachuetts, is a treasured National Historic Landmark, a recipient of the National Medal of Arts, and home to America’s longest running international dance festival. This is a tremendous honor for our dance program—to receive this distinction, the dancers competed in a national competition that included four-year university dance departments across the nation.  This is a life-changing opportunity for our students to perform at an internationally acclaimed venue. Additionally, many of them have never ventured outside of Long Beach. 
They need your help getting to Massachusetts.  Please support our LBCC Dance Team with your gift at: LBCC Foundation "Jacob's Pillow"
Help LBCC Students Make a Movie!
Please consider supporting the Long Beach City College Film project spearheaded by Eli Daughdrill.  Eli is an award winning professor at LBCC.  This diverse crew (female producer, African-American cinematographer) is giving LBCC students their first opportunity to work on a professional film set. The students all come from underrepresented populations and this project gives them a chance to build their resume and network.  In order to complete the project, there is an immediate funding need to support student housing ($10,000) and legal requirements during filming ($5,000).  Your contribution will go a long way to make this amazing opportunity a reality for our LBCC students. 
Visit LBCC "Faith" Film Info Video‚Äč  for a short video on the project. 

Please support our LBCC Film project with your gift at: LBCC Foundation / "Faith"
Thank you!
Elizabeth McCann
Executive Director

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