National Justice for Our Neighbors
June 2016 
Daddy's Home  
After a Decade of War, a Happy Father's Day 
As an Iraqi civil engineer working with the U.S. forces, Ahmed's life was in constant danger. He learned to take precautions: not answering phone calls from unknown numbers, frequently changing his schedule and his route to work, and even moving his family. He wasn’t the only one with a target on his back; the militias also threatened his wife, young daughters, and family members. 
“I used different ways to keep myself and my family safe,” he says. “So many groups wanted to kill us because we were working with the Americans.”
Ahmed began working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq in 2003. There was so much destruction, so much rebuilding to do. Engineers—particularly those who spoke fluent English—were desperately needed.
For 10 years, Ahmed continued to work for the Americans, through the Corps of Engineers, USAID, and the United Nations.
Along the way, he lost many colleagues—Iraqi and American. 
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 Remember the Dads!  
Because every child needs the love and support of a father. 
 Please give so immigrant dads can be with their chidren this Father's Day and every day. 
Welcome Virginia to the JFON Family! 
Just Neighbors becomes our 15th site 
We are delighted to welcome Just Neighbors Ministry as the newest site within the JFON network.  Just Neighbors, a Northern Virginia ministry within the Virginia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, serves hundreds of low-income immigrant clients each year through its team of staff attorneys and vast volunteer network.
Just Neighbors, founded in 1996, was actually the model for the JFON network when JFON began in 1999. While JFON and Just Neighbors have collaborated informally for years, both organizations are excited about the new growth opportunities that this formal partnership will yield.
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Tennessee JFON Delivers the DREAM 
Helping undocumented immigrant youth become DACAmented 
He was a polite young man—no more than 22 years old—and equally fluent in English and Spanish. He would often translate for his father as the two worked together on various landscaping projects in the neighborhood.
His name was Jesus.
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