National Justice for Our Neighbors
January, 2017 
Angels in their Corner
IOWA JFON Celebrates a Victory for Love and Family
They met, quite by chance, in the home section of Target. Amy was raising two boys after a painful divorce. Gabriel was sunny natured, the kind of man who smiled with his whole face, and one who happily took on any household task that would ease the burden of a single mom. 
They fell in love, of course. The boys welcomed a father figure in their lives and he, in turn, adored them.
“If I love the hen,” he told Amy, “I have to love the chicks.”
There was only one thing marring their happiness: Gabriel was undocumented. 
For an undocumented immigrant, marriage to a U.S. citizen does not provide an easy path to a Green Card. It's a complicated, expensive and risky process. Amy and Gabriel risked being separated for 10 years
There was no guarantee of a happy ending. It would take courage, faith, and lots of hard work from Iowa JFON to keep this new family together.  
Read more HERE.
2017 Advocacy Update
The next few years promise to be difficult for immigrants and organizations like NJFON who work alongside them. 
We know there will be attempts to make life harder for immigrants through harmful and misguided policies such as mass deportations, ending DACA, building a wall along the Southern border, and shrinking or abolishing the refugee program.
NJFON will stand by immigrants to defend them against these threats.
While our strategy throughout the year will need to be nimble to respond to threats as they emerge, our principles remain firm.  
To read more about our advocacy strategy for 2017, please go HERE. 
 Rally to Protect Immigrants and Refugees 
On Saturday, January 14, 2017, immigrant and refugee groups across the nation will join forces to defend our shared values of love, compassion, family, fairness and justice.  
There are currently 58 events planned, from Maine to California, from Miami to Seattle, and (nearly) every state in between.
To find an event location nearest you, please visit:
With Gratitude and Appreciation 
All of us in the JFON network thank you for your generous support in 2016.
Your gifts make it possible for us to provide our most vulnerable neighbors the immigration legal services they so urgently need.
Last year, we served over 4,000 immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers from 115 different countries. With your continued support, we know we can help even more people in 2017.  
Thank you for continuing to stand beside our immigrant neighbors in the difficult days, weeks, and months ahead. It is because of you that they no longer have to face our immigration system alone. 

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