National Justice for Our Neighbors
June, 2017 
For the Love of Five Daughters 
JFON New York reunites sisters after a 22-year separation
He was a hard-working man in a country where hard work is not always rewarded. He was a devout man among the Christian minority in Hyderabad, India; a lay minister in the Methodist Church, who loved to preach and loved to sing. He was a man who always wanted to do the right thing.
But ask anyone who knew this man to identify the defining purpose of his life and the answer would always be the same: love for his daughters. He had five of them; they were the joy of his life, but also his worry. How would he adequately provide for them? What kind of future would they have? Where was the opportunity for them?
So when Mark had a chance to immigrate to the United States, and to bring his family with him, he took it. This had been his dream for a very long time. He was determined that his daughters would start new and better lives in America.
All except one. Tiara, the eldest, was 21 years of age and recently married. No longer a dependent, she was not allowed to accompany her father. She and her husband would need to stay in India until Mark could find a way to bring them over.
It was a heart-wrenching decision. They were a close and loving family. They knew it would take more than a decade to bring Tiara to them. The sisters had never been separated. How would they bear so many years apart?
“It was difficult to be left behind,” admits Tiara quietly. “But I understood why.”
It was for the good of the family, and the family is everything.
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World Refugee Day is on Tuesday, June 20
Across the world today, there are 65 million people who have fled their homes because of war, persecution, violence, famine, disease and environmental disasters. 
An additional 34,000 people flee their homes every single day.  
The numbers are staggering. The pictures are overwhelming. "It is hopeless," we think, shaking our heads. "What can we do? What difference can we possibly make?"
Let's start right here in our own country. Let us first recognize that we are, once again, called upon to welcome refugees to our shores. It is the right, the compassionate, and the American thing to do. 
June 12-16: Stand with Refugees

Today, right now, please pick up the phone and call 1-844-4STAND5 (1-844-477-3255) to be connected directly to your representative and senators. 
Join us as we take a stand together to send a powerful message to our elected leaders: We Welcome Refugees.  
For more ways you can help, please go HERE. 
Happy Birthday, JFON Austin! 
In the summer of 2014, JFON Austin Region opened its doors in the height of the Unaccompanied Minors crisis, as thousands of children fleeing rampant gang violence in the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala sought refuge in the United States.
Dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to vulnerable immigrants of Central Texas, JFON Austin now operates three clinics in the city of Austin, and the towns of Georgetown and Smithville. In 2016, they handled nearly 400 cases and served 118 clients from a diverse number of countries, including Burma, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico, and Honduras.  
JFON Austin is now three years old. Obviously, this is an occasion which calls for a birthday bash with Texas-sized hospitality!

"The fiesta was very special," reports Legal Director Virginia Raymond. "It's not just that it was successful in terms of attendance and enjoyment. What makes it stand out is that it was designed especially for the enjoyment of children, and especially for the enjoyment of our clients."
"It is unfortunately rare," Virginia concludes, "to be part of an organization that throws a party with the people it purportedly serves in mind. That is really saying something."  
Among the many former and present clients attending the celebration were several of JFON Austin's original UAM clients, all making new and meaningful lives for themselves here in the United States. You can read their stories on our website: Nelson, Kevin and David. 
Food from inside the Travel Ban  
JFON Tennessee's unique fundraiser for its Asylum-Seeker Assistance Project 
Asylum cases are among the most difficult, challenging and time-consuming of any in immigration law. Asylum-seekers are among the immigrants most in need of experienced, knowledgeable, and steadfast attorneys. 
To highlight the urgent need for assistance for asylum-seekers in the Nashville area, Vanderbilt University hosted a fundraiser for JFON Tennessee, featuring food from the six majority-Muslim countries of the Trump Administration's Travel Ban, including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. 
"Food from Inside the Travel Ban was a great success,"  reports JFON TN Executive Director Wade Munday happily. "Our community showed concern for every asylum-seeker who is scared and needs an advocate in Tennessee." 
Wade estimates that they have already raised $60,000 for the fledgling project. But there is still so much to do. 
"The travel ban limps along towards the Supreme Court where it will hopefully fail," he says, "but there's still a lot of work to educate our community. A super-majority of immigrants and refugees are good people, incredible people, who deserve legal representation during their despair."‚Äč
A Day to Remember the Dads
What would we do without dad? Who would we be without dad?
These aren't just rhetorical questions.
This is the reality for thousands of immigrant children across the United States, who daily struggle without the love, guidance, and support of a father.
This is the uncertainty that daily haunts thousands of immigrant children—the constant fear of coming home to an empty house, their father gone, their family torn apart and their whole world shattered. 
Children—all children—need their dads. 
 Happy Father's Day! 

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