National Justice for Our Neighbors
October 2017 
 We Are All DREAMers 
Shaped by his devout Christian faith, world-renowned Irish musician and philanthropist Bono has been an outspoken advocate for immigrant justice for many years.
When Justice for Our Neighbors Nebraska asked him to speak on behalf of the #DREAMers, he instantly and happily agreed. 
Please click the photo below to watch this 30-second video or click HERE. 
To Better serve Our Neighbors 
JFON unites for annual Roundtable in Detroit 
Representatives from our 17 JFON sites and three prospective sites, along with National Board members, staff, guests, and partners met this past month to share, network and learn how we can better serve our immigrant neighbors. 
Our home away from home for these two fruitful days was the beautiful and historic Central United Methodist Church in downtown Detroit, where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a frequent guest preacher. The Swords into Plowshares Peace Center and Art Gallery (located adjacent to the church) also graciously allowed us the use of its facilities.
Thank you to our hosts and to all our participants. Now, let's get to work!  

Representatives from our three prospective sites—Arizona, Central Washington, and Hawaii—join their fellow JFONers for a group photo in the beautiful sanctuary of Central UMC. 
Simple Gifts 
          JFON Southeastern Michigan client and new U.S. permanent resident reminds us of the things we take for granted 
“Last year, when my son was in kindergarten,” Carolina explains, “I missed so many activities because I was not driving. I missed field trips and performances, and it made me super-sad.
"But now, with the benefits of being a legal resident, I can confidently sign up for volunteer work and to chaperone at field trips.”
Parents in the room steal glances at each other. Did any of us ever consider chaperoning an elementary school field trip a “benefit?”
“Now,” Carolina adds, her voice quavering with emotion, “I can speak with the rest of the moms without feeling somehow left out."
She rubs happy tears from her eyes and beams at us. "It feels amazing not having to worry about my children’s future, and to be able to save for their college education.”
Read Carolina's story HERE
DACA just in time  
JFON Houston's DACA workshop 
Kudos to JFON Houston, whose staff and volunteers helped 23 young people renew their DACA at a special DACA workshop before the October 5 deadline.
St Luke’s UMC of Gethsemane provided warmth, welcome, and a central location for the workshop. Some of the young immigrants seeking help had driven more than 250 miles to attend.
The workshop was a collaborative effort, with partners Boat People SOS, the Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative (HILSC), and volunteers from South Texas Law Schoolall pulling together to ensure the DACA-eligible were able to renew before the cutoff date.  
HILSC also offered a scholarship for those unable to cover the $495 filing fee. Of the 23 young people who renewed their DACA, 20 of them were able to receive this aid.
All in all, a good day’s work!
Help us #SaveTPS   
by Melissa Bowe, NJFON Program and Advocacy Manager   
Temporary Protected Status (TPS) was created to provide protection to those in the United States when it is unsafe for them to return home. TPS has given about 330,000 people from 10 countries the opportunity to rebuild their lives in America. 
Now these folks are at risk of losing their status.
We want to keep TPS protections intact and extend all TPS protections for at least 18 months, and for as long as the dangerous conditions in these countries persist.
We at JFON have hundreds of clients with TPS. They risk being separated from their families and communities and sent back to a country that is unsafe. We must act now to #SaveTPS!
Please call the number below to be put in contact with your representative. Leave your own message or use the one provided. Let your representative know, in no uncertain terms, that you stand with our immigrant neighbors! 


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