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December 2015 Update 
Give the gift of a new beginning to immigrants who are seeking refuge.
Together we can make the holidays shine brighter for vulnerable immigrants seeking safety and protection with the gift of access to life-changing legal services! 
First Do No Harm 
´╗┐Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors aids a young Syrian doctor seeking asylum

Marwan was in the sixth month of his radiology residency in a hospital emergency room near the coast of Syria. He was treating trauma patients; urgent cases requiring both swiftness and great steadiness. He loved the work. He was saving lives.

It was a civilian hospital; government soldiers were usually treated elsewhere. But as the conflict in Syria increased during the summer of 2014, hospital staff began seeing army patients more frequently. It was then that Marwan began noticing something strange.
“Whenever I would examine a soldier and the report had my name on it,” he says, “they would send the soldier back to radiology and ask for a re-examination.” Was he doing something wrong, he wondered? Was it because he wasn’t very experienced? Why weren’t any of the other residents having this issue?

“It was only me, “says Marwan. “But why only me?”
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Fulfilling the Mission 
South Florida Justice for Our Neighbors is ON THE MOVE!  

“I like everything here except the cockroaches,” says Emily Kvalheim of South Florida Justice For Our Neighbors.  
She makes a good point. The cockroaches of South Florida are legendary.
“I love the diversity and complexity here. It’s so different from other immigrant cities,” says Emily’s colleague Caitlin Kastner.  Readers may remember Caitlin as the artist who provided the powerful illustrations for last month’s story on victimized Florida farmworkers, Harvest of Justice
Both young women are Global Mission Fellows, a two-year program of the United Methodist Church. They live simply and receive a small stipend for their work. Both Caitlin and Emily keep a blog about their experiences. They try to raise funds—not for themselves, but for the group that will follow them.
They are 21st Century missionaries.
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DACA and Asian-American DREAMers 
How do we bridge the Gap?  
A recent study by the Migration Policy Institute revealed some surprising information about the variation in application rates by nationality for immigrants who have applied for the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program. 
DACA, which President Obama first announced in the summer of 2012, is an executive order to address the dead-end that many young adult undocumented immigrants face in the United States as they finish school and are then unable to work.  For years, these DREAMERs and their allies have sought immigration reform that would provide them a path to citizenship.

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 Wishing you all the Blessings of the Season!  

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