National Justice For Our Neighbors
October Update 2014
Thank You
The North Chevy Chase Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Maryland recently donated $3,000 to support the legal aid work of Justice For Our Neighbors and Church World Service focused on the many unaccompanied children from Central America. NJFON and CWS offer heartfelt thanks to the members of the congregation and all those who were part of making the donation a reality.
Touching Peoples Lives
14 Year of volunteer experience
Psalm 143 - An Interpretation
from the Perspectives of Migrants and Immigrants
By Mayuris Pimentel, Attorney Maryland/D.C.- JFON
1 Hear my prayer, O Lord;
   give ear to my supplications in your faithfulness;
   answer me in your righteousness.
            My name is child of God, I seek only an opportunity to make a decent living, only an opportunity to provide my family with enough food, adequate shelter and adequate clothes. At home, the possibilities for providing my family even this are very limited. I could often work all week and still not have enough to provide for my family adequately. Is this just, O Lord? All I want is an opportunity. So I cross man-made borders in search of that opportunity. I travel across rivers and deserts, braving illness, dehydration, drowning, even death. The names of places I travel to sound familiar to me, they are names in my own tongue, places where my ancestors reared their families before the land was taken from them by man-made borders. I cross borders and then become invisible. I work two or three full-time jobs for not even minimum wage and barely have time to sleep from day to day. Give me rest, O Lord. Hear my supplications for just an opportunity, in your faithfulness, let me know what else it is that I should do. Answer me in your righteousness.
National Justice For Our Neighbors is providing up to $5,000 in matching funds for each JFON site!  Your donation to a local JFON means that another dreamer will have assistance renewing her work permit, an asylum seeker will be represented, and a vulnerable worker will receive protection.  And, through the end of the year, every gift that you direct to a Justice For Our Neighbors site will be DOUBLED! Please contact the JFON site nearest you to donate today!

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