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Save the date: 2021 AGM 
Our virtual Annual General Meeting will be taking place over two days on the 29th of November and 1st of December.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon!
NSUN news
NSUN #KeepTheLifeline Statement
Last week, the £20 a week cut to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit takes effect. For many, the cut means £1040 lost from annual incomes.
As of yet, there has not been a Government U-turn, but efforts to cancel the cut and keep the lifeline are not yet over. We stand as a coalition, calling for a stronger, more pragmatic benefits system.
Cuts to social security disproportionately impact the most marginalised and further engender inequality. People become trapped. This is why standing by the biggest overnight cut in social security since the modern welfare state began is indefensible.
The Government must now do what is right and, at the very least, reinstate the £20 to Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit at the Autumn Budget and ensure families on legacy benefits, such us Employment Support Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance and Income Support, are included.
Read the full statement here."
AGM & Members’ Meeting 2021: art exhibition and soapboxes 
Creative exhibition
Last year, we put together a “virtual exhibition” of members’ creative works for our Members’ Event – click here to view the exhibition with brilliant contributions from 16 NSUN members.
We will be putting together another virtual exhibition for our 2021 AGM website, featuring creative pieces by our membership. This means we would love it if you could send in:
  • Artwork: pictures of your paintings, photography, prints, embroidery, drawings, collage, digital/visual art
  • Short films or animations
  • Poetry: written, or you can film/record yourself doing a reading
  • Original songs or music
If you have something you'd like to share, big or small, please send it (along with the name you'd like displaying, and any links to your website/Instagram etc) via email to
Article ImageUsually at our in-person AGMs we have a mix of members who book a “soapbox” slot in advance with some members speaking on the day. This year for ease we are going to pre-record soapboxes again which will then be ready and available to watch whenever you want.
We would like to invite you to record yourselves (with video or just voice) on a three-minute video speaking about anything you like. You could speak about a current issue that's really important to you or share your views on what needs to change in society to provide people with the care that they really need and deserve - but really soapboxes are a chance for you to have your say on anything you would like to have heard.
If you would like to take part, please email and we can send you more information about how to create your video. Your film will be hosted on our AGM 2021 website (more news on that imminently) and on our YouTube channel.
Video resources for user-led groups  
Last week we published our final two videos for resources for groups, one by Let's Talk About Loss on becoming a registered charity, and one by Sangini on funding and grant applications for user led groups 
User-led organisations carry out work to connect, campaign, and improve the mental health of their communities. They often have to learn as they go when setting up and growing, relying on relationships with similar organisations to share knowledge and help them tackle the “hidden curriculum” of forming, running and managing an organisation.
There are several areas of support that are needed and shared amongst groups, such as funding and organisational structure. NSUN has commissioned this series of video resources where people from user-led groups share knowledge that anyone can access as a starting point for understanding their options for growth. You can find our full series of video resources by and for user-led groups here.
Articles, blogs, vlogs, and more
We want to use this space to feature members' blogs, posts, vlogs, podcasts and articles. Please email us at if you would like to share yours with the network here.
Book review by David Gibbs via NSUN
Article by Rai Waddingham via The Wellcome Collection 
Blog via Secret Life of a Manic Depressive
Podcast by Mark Brown & Seaneen Molloy via BBC Sounds 
Podcast via Coffee and Psychosis 
Article by Joy Hibbins via Mad in America
Events and membership news
London Challenge Poverty Week 
4 in 10 & Greater London Authority
Article Image
"11th October -17th October
To mark the launch of London Challenge Poverty Week 2021 this event will present new research findings on attitudes to poverty in London.
The week begins on Monday 11 October and culminates on Sunday 17 October which is the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Throughout the week the organisations and individuals taking part aim to shine a light on the experience of living in poverty in the capital, show what is being done at local level to tackle it and call for the systemic changes needed to end it.
To mark the start of the week, 4in10 and the Greater London Authority will be launching a research report commissioned from ClearView Research into attitudes to poverty among Londoners."
Introducing TACFLE: The Australian Centre for Lived Experience. 
Article Image"TACFLE provides trained Mad informed-lived experience support and leadership through peer support, coaching, navigation, mentoring, supervision, co-counselling, research, training, education and consultancy.
We are a global think tank and lived experience driven social innovation and impact organisation. At TACFLE, we have reclaimed Mad as a word of pride which historically has used to dehumanise us by the system. MAD Pride is our philosophy.
At TACFLE we provide a Mad informed approach based on Mad Studies in supporting you, your loved ones, community, organisation and broader systemic advocacy pursuits. We connect you with a lived experience leader that is tailored to your needs through identifying your goals, strengths, interests, hopes, dreams and aspirations as a person with living experience of human vulnerability.
Click here to find out more."
Migrants Organise walking for justice! 
Migrants Organise 
The Migrants Organise team are walking 10km across London on October 18th, with London Legal Walk 2021, to raise funds for essential legal advice for migrants and refugees with complex mental health conditions. Will you support us?
Please sponsor our team generously and help us spread the word! About our work:
Migrants Organise has worked for over a decade to support migrants and refugees living with ongoing mental health issues to access justice. We have seen first-hand how the Hostile Environment immigration policies destroys lives and how easily people fall through the cracks.
That's why we set up the Migrants Mental Capacity Advocacy (MMCA) Project, to address some of the huge gaps in accessing justice for people with complex mental health conditions."
November Mad Studies  
Mad Studies
Article Image
"4th November 
Join us this month to discuss the complexities of employment within the Lived Experience Professions. This month we are considering ‘Effective Peer Employment Within Multidisciplinary Organizations: Model for Best Practice’ by Louise Byrne, Helena Roennfeldt, Jessica Wolf, Ally Linfoot, Dana Foglesong, Larry Davidson, Chyrell Bellamy. The model is one that is the work of Lived Experience Academics who work within thus understand this field and issues that LXPs experience, collaborating with traditional researchers."
Translations of resources on hearing voices 
Hearing the Voice & Understanding Voices 
Article Image"Understanding Voices and Hearing the Voice has made downloadable PDF fact sheets about hearing voices translated into the top 10 languages other than English spoken in the UK, according to the 2011 census.
Each PDF provides information about the following topics: 
  • What is hearing voices?
  • How common is it?
  • Coping strategies
  • Talking about hearing voices – tips for voice-hearers
  • Talking about hearing voices – tips for supporters"
A student's guide to hearing voices 
Voice Collective 
Article Image"Voice collective launch two new resources to support voice hearers at university - one booklet for students, and one for university staff funded by Student Space. 
Click here to download the student guide: This guide is written by students for students. It covers some of the aspects of university life that voices and visions can have an impact on. It’s not intended to be comprehensive - everyone’s experiences will be different and we cannot speak for all. Yet we hope that in these pages you’ll fi nd something that will spark your own ideas. 
Click here to download the staff guide: This booklet is aimed at anyone with a role in supporting university students (undergraduate or post graduate). That might include: tutors, lecturers, supervisors, student union staff and those who work in Disability or Wellbeing teams."
LXP Revolution
Article Image
Was your NHS trust on one of 24 on Santa’s Good List, ready to be blessed with a brand new Band 7 Lived Experience Professional (LXP) to join their staff? 
This means 24 new Band 7 posts exist or are in the pipeline. Are they local to you? Do you know about them? Maybe you want to to apply for one? Check out the blog, and contact your local trust to find out more.
Creative news and events
Art for Wellness 
Creative Wellness Journey CIC 
Article Image
I run a creative wellness hub for people looking for a supportive community and easy access to step by step resources to learn how to draw and paint with "Art for Wellness". 
Here to help people who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, looking to turn life around and feel … Happier, Healthier & more Confident
​With 4 different levels, so there is something for everyone!
"I am not here to give unrealistic and unattainable projects and goals
I am hear to help you make real connections, find your own style, explore emotions through creativity and feel better about yourself." Debbie Crouch
So if you are looking to change your life one step at a time to take better care of yourself and do something just for you. Now is the time to take a look at what is available to you."
Surveys and involvement opportunities 
Calling all user, carer-led and seldom heard groups
IMPACT Improving Adult Care Together
Article Image
IMPACT is committed to co-producing everything we do by working in equal partnerships with people who draw on social care services, carers and seldom heard groups.  We want people to be meaningfully involved, in shaping all of our activities. We want to make our work accessible and inclusive. We want a level playing field for everyone involved in social care.
To do this we need to engage with the experts; user and carer led groups and community groups working with seldom heard people. So we are getting together a database of organisations and groups who might otherwise be excluded from involvement with IMPACT. If you would like to be on our database, enabling you to be involved with shaping and understanding our work as it develops and being part of a broader collective, all with a shared commitment to improving adult social care, please complete our online form."
Inequalities & Their Impact on Public Mental Health (Harrow & Lambeth - Research Study 
National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) 
Article Image
This project is designed to learn and understand how the people of Harrow and Lambeth experience inequalities and how these inequalities affect their mental health – from their perspectives, in their own words. 
We want this to be an engaging, interactive experience, bringing out the creative side in people, which is why we’re using a two-part research method called Photo-Voice. Photo-Voice uses photography to break language barriers and provides simple, visual realities for people to see. Photo-Voice gives those who often remain ignored, overlooked, or unheard, a platform to get their message across.  
People who participate are asked to express themselves by taking pictures of things that represent their personal experiences of mental health and inequality/unfairness. They will be provided with the materials and guidance to do so.
After the photos have been taken, participants will take part semi-structured interviews, where we will explore the themes of mental health and inequality/unfairness in their photos. 
They will then be invited to keep in touch with the team and to join a workshop where they can work with our peer researchers on the analysis phase of the project. Our overarching goal is to drive change for those who need it within the respective communities.
You will recieve a £100 gift voucher for your time and contribution.
For more information contact Alex at / 07594505289."
The Help Desk  
Article Image
"Sign up here
The Help Desk provides short term, ad hoc coaching, support and guidance with issues that movement organisations are facing. Drawing on the expertise of our team and our wider network of consultants and associates, we can support you in a range of areas, whether you have a specific issue that you need help with, or if you’d like time with one of our coaches to have space to think, reflect, prioritise and plan.
We can support with a broad range of issues including:
  • Responding to trigger moments
  • Communications – e.g. speaking in the media, advice for press officers, framing and messaging
  • Structure and operations – e.g. HR, finance, governance, policies
  • Movement building – e.g. strategic collaboration, organising, absorption
  • Applying the learnings from our courses in your groups and movement spaces
  • Coaching – space for discussion, reflection and planning
*Free for grassroots/community orgs."
Papers, reports and policy
A Social Guarantee: The case for universal services
New Economics Foundation 
Article Image"Too many people are unable to meet their essential needs. Before Covid-19 hit, three in ten people were already living in a household that did not earn enough to reach what the public thinks is a socially acceptable minimum standard of living. A recent New Economics Foundation (NEF) forecast shows that by November 2021, it is expected that nearly one in three households will be living below this publicly defined, minimum standard.
Read the full report."
Politicizing Muslim Mental Health by Tarek Younis 
Journal of Muslim Mental Health 
Article Image
"There is a growing recognition that mental illness should be taken more seriously within Muslim communities. In this are emerging trends to Islamicise psychology or psychologise Islam, whereby the former attempts to adapt contemporary psychological practices for Muslims, while the latter endeavours to indigenise and establish a psychology rooted firmly in Islamic traditions. Yet a large body of interdisciplinary works has argued that Muslims are uniquely positioned vis-à-vis Nation-States across the Global North.
There is thus a need to underscore the significance of the political which underpins the relationship between ‘Muslim’ and ‘mental health’. The political will be explored by addressing three paradigms and their particular relationship to Muslim mental health: neoliberalism, nationalism and securitisation.
Read the full report here."
Jobs and recruitment
Two Policy & Campaigns Officers
Disability Rights UK 
"Deadline: 4th November
Salary: £32-36,000 paArticle Image
We are Disabled people leading change. Are you passionate about equality and justice? Then join us to campaign for equal participation for all.
Working with the Head of Policy, the successful candidates will develop, deliver and review policy positions and campaign plans; engage Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) and Disabled people and allies in shaping and promoting change; and will advocate for change to government, parliamentarians, regulators and public and private organisations."
Lecturer in User Led Research
Kings College London
Article Image"Deadline: 25th October 
Salary: £46,934-£50,919 pa
This is an exciting opportunity to join the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE). SURE is a unique academic research group comprised predominantly of researchers with direct experience of neurodiversity, trauma violence and abuse, mental distress, and/or using mental health services. We conduct research from the perspectives of first-hand experiences, developing novel methods to do so. We support the next generation of researchers through PhD supervision and teaching, and connect our research to relevant local and national communities and networks."
Peer Support Worker
Article Image"Deadline: 15th October
Salary: £22,516.46 to £24,768.95
Peer Support is one of the best forms of therapy for helping people recover from mental distress and its impact on their lives. People who have experienced mental health issues can offer insight and understanding and can draw on their own experiences to help. They can offer an effective complement to the professional support offered by trained mental health JD name & date here 2 workers. To this end, Jami is looking for someone who understands and who is committed to the values of peer support and who is able to develop this new role in a sensitive and innovative way.
You will be working as part of our Community Support and Hubs team to support people on both a 1:1 basis and within our hub settings. You will carry out initial assessments, reviews and long-term interventions enabling people to identify their needs and goals."
Community Development Facilitator - Head Room Café
Article Image"Deadline: 19th October 
Salary: £22,516 - £24,283.28
Head Room Cafe is a social enterprise and a community hub, providing a space for mutual support and open conversations about mental health. We take mental health support out of an institutional context and onto the high street. We aim to expand the conversation from individualised wellbeing towards a focus on solidarity and mutual support in community. The café has developed a peer-led programme that offers opportunities for people to be part of an inclusive community, in a relaxed and fun environment. The programme tackles social isolation and raises awareness and socio-relational understanding of mental health and ways of responding to distress.
We are now looking to recruit a Community Development Coordinator to help develop and deliver our growing provision. This role will be mainly based in the café and involves a combination of coordination, administration and facilitation."
We now have a new page on our website for listing current funding opportunities. We will continue to post notice of new (and imminently closing) funds in the bulletin.

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