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Save the date: 2021 AGM 
Our virtual Annual General Meeting & Members Event will be taking place over two days on the 29th of November and 1st of December.
Stay tuned for more details coming soon!
NSUN news
AGM & Members’ Meeting 2021: art exhibition and soapboxes
Creative exhibition
Last year, we put together a “virtual exhibition” of members’ creative works for our Members’ Event – click here to view the exhibition with brilliant contributions from 16 NSUN members.
We will be putting together another virtual exhibition for our 2021 AGM website, featuring creative pieces by our membership. This means we would love it if you could send in:
  • Artwork: pictures of your paintings, photography, prints, embroidery, drawings, collage, digital/visual art
  • Short films or animations
  • Poetry: written, or you can film/record yourself doing a reading
  • Original songs or music
If you have something you'd like to share, big or small, please send it (along with the name you'd like displaying, and any links to your website/Instagram etc) via email to
Article ImageUsually at our in-person AGMs we have a mix of members who book a “soapbox” slot in advance with some members speaking on the day. This year for ease we are going to pre-record soapboxes again which will then be ready and available to watch whenever you want.
We would like to invite you to record yourselves (with video or just voice) on a three-minute video speaking about anything you like. You could speak about a current issue that's really important to you or share your views on what needs to change in society to provide people with the care that they really need and deserve - but really soapboxes are a chance for you to have your say on anything you would like to have heard.
If you would like to take part, please email and we can send you more information about how to create your video. Your film will be hosted on our AGM 2021 website (more news on that imminently) and on our YouTube channel.
Articles, blogs, vlogs, and more
We want to use this space to feature members' blogs, posts, vlogs, podcasts and articles. Please email us at if you would like to share yours with the network here.
Article by Akiko Hart via NSUN
Blog by Taimour Ahmed via NSUN
Blog by Ruth via Mind
Blog by Charli Clement via BIHR
Events and membership news
An Introduction to Peer Hub's Lived Experience Online Community
Peer Hub CIC
Article Image
"Peer Hub CIC hosts an online community for people who work, volunteer or otherwise 'labour' in lived experience roles in the UK mental health system.
Our little online space has lots of opportunities for people with lived experience to connect with each other - including a weekly peer support group and a social-media type closed space for chat and sharing thoughts and experiences.
Our main hope in creating this community is to give folks working in lived experience roles somewhere to get together and talk to each other about what we're doing, how we're finding it, our successes, what's working and also our struggles. Many of us who work in these roles work alone in teams or on our own as self-employed, and this is a place to come together to find out what's happening out there, meet our colleagues, and also create spaces for joint working, mutual support and professional development through skills swaps, community trainings and events.
Interested? Come and meet us at this introductory event to find out if joining is for you, and how to get into the community area! Which, by the way, has no fee to join. In fact, you can go ahead and join on our website now, if you'd like to...."
Early Career Researcher Bursary Awards 
Article Image"Deadline: 1st November 5PM
 The network is delighted to launch our fourth round of  Early Career Researcher (ECR) Training Bursary Scheme. The bursary aims to support junior researchers to attend training courses, research placements at institutions other than their own, and conferences. Bursaries can be used towards training course and/or conference fees, or for travel and accommodation to support attendance.

The VAMHN will run two funding calls for the bursary each year from 2019 until 2022. Applicants will be assessed on their funding needs as well as their case for support. The maximum bursary value is £250.

Our next round is now open. To see if you are eligible and to apply please read and complete the application form below and send back to by no later than the 1st November 2021 at 5pm.

Applications will be assessed on a score from 1-10 for the following criteria:
  • Focus on domestic/sexual violence 
  • Focus on mental health
  • Focus on interdisciplinarity
  • Indication of Relevance
  • Indication of Need"
Marsh Awards 2021 
Article Image
"Still time for your group to go for a Marsh Award 2021
Last year we celebrated so much about the diversity of peer support across England and Wales and the benefits this offers to local communities.  We received nominations from over 50 peer support groups, of which, 9 received a cash award of between £250 to £500.
For 2021, the opportunity to receive a cash award is still open. You don’t need a bank account and we don’t ask you for any tiresome reporting often attached to funding.
It’s for your group to use in your way, with your community.
If you need any support to fill out the nomination form, or prefer a paper copy, we’d love to help. Just email Jane or Duncan
Black Herstory Month event - Whiteness as a chemical restraint 
The Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care
Article Image"Wednesday October 27th 2021, 12pm-2pm.

Full Programme confirmed for October 27 webinar for Black Herstory Month on Lived Experience Co-production, Race, and Restrictive Practices.

Confirmed Speakers: Sade King, Tim Kendall, Aji Lewis. Marcia Rigg, Kevin Ariyo, Michael Bennet, and Professor Sashidharan.
The last year has witnessed a proliferation of events, funding, and consultations around race in terms of the White Paper Review of the Mental Health Act and the statutory guidance in relation Mental Health, 2018, Use of Forces Act (Seni’s Law). The renewed engagement of diverse researchers, organisations and activists have, however, failed to address the Lived experiences of race, how whiteness remains as a historical norm, how value and practice shapes co-production and represents the ethnically diverse experience, particularly black men within current mental health systems. To achieve real authentic race equality in mental health the seminar looks at how the cultural restraint of race needs to be addressed for an effective model of coproduction and change.

Register here and view the full programme here."
Black History Month - Beyond Taking The Knee 
Middlesex County Football Association
Article Image
"Thu, 28 October 2021, 12:00 – 14:00 BST
To look at the actions needed to address race equality and discrimination in football from grassroots to the Professional game beyond ‘Taking in the knee’. The interactive seminar with leading equality practitioners provides an open platform for society and football to examine concrete ways to ensure the challenge against racism in all parts of football culture and practice, particularly in the area of safeguarding and mental health raised by the death of ex-professional footballer, Dalian Atkinson.
The aim is to celebrate a memorial to the life and achievements of ex-Aston Villa Player, Dalian Atkinson, and to look at the changes in mental health needed in and outside of sport addressed by Doctor Michael Bennett, paper to the Lancet Psychiatry.
  • Simone Pound. Senior Equality Director. PFA
  • Doctor Michael Bennett. Director of Player Welfare.
  • Iffy Onuora. Premier League Head of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • Leigh O'Connor. CEO Middlesex FA
  • Doctor Colin King. MBE. Chair of Middlesex FA IAG.
  • Danny Lynch. Senior Publicity Manager. Irish FA.
  • Kevin Coleman. Senior Equality Manager, Brentford Football Club
  • Steve Smithies. Former FA National Coach Development Lead for Diversity and Inclusion"
Talk for Health - Free programme in talking for wellbeing 
Talk for Health 
It’s important to take care of our emotional wellbeing, just as it is to take care of our bodies. One way of doing this is to connect in a truthful and empathic way with others.
Anyone who wants to take care of their wellbeing and support others.
WHAT ARE YOUR NEXT STEPS? Attend a Taster and/or do our in-depth 4-day Talk for Health Core Programme. Then you can:
· Come to TALK FOR HEALTH CAFES; continue talking for wellbeing and gain communication skills.
· Do a range of online group activities like breathwork, art journaling and therapeutic writing.
· Follow these with ongoing groups for strong peer networks.
It’s all FREE and is commissioned by the NHS. You will learn and have space for:
· Honest talking – being the real you
· Empathic listening
· Basic counselling skills
· How to set up and be part of an ongoing group to talk for wellbeing.
For more information visit our website or contact or call/text 0203 409 3201."
Time to Talk Mental Health UK & Resilience Voyage: Positive Minds Wellbeing Programme 
Time to Talk Mental Health UK
Article Image
"With the lottery money Time to Talk Mental Health UK was awarded with to run our Positive Minds Wellbeing Programme, we are delighted to announce that Resilience Voyage will be starting monthly live Facebook sessions in this group.  Our Charity offers peer to peer support 24/7 with moderated support from 9am to 10.30pm every day within our private and confidential Facebook Group.  Resilience Voyage is an organisation that helps people build and maintain resilience by understanding the way we think, feel and behave.  Stacey and Kerry (who run Resilience Voyage) are passionate about understanding the way that we think and feel as this underpins everything that we do. When we are able to understand the why behind our behaviour we can truly start to make changes to enable us to build our resilience to life.  We are so excited about this and please do take up our invitation to join our groups so you can receive unjudgmental, empathic support from people who understand.
Click here to join Positive Minds and here to join Time to Talk Mental Health UK"
Introducing TACFLE: The Australian Centre for Lived Experience. 
Article Image"TACFLE provides trained Mad informed-lived experience support and leadership through peer support, coaching, navigation, mentoring, supervision, co-counselling, research, training, education and consultancy.
We are a global think tank and lived experience driven social innovation and impact organisation. At TACFLE, we have reclaimed Mad as a word of pride which historically has used to dehumanise us by the system. MAD Pride is our philosophy.
At TACFLE we provide a Mad informed approach based on Mad Studies in supporting you, your loved ones, community, organisation and broader systemic advocacy pursuits. We connect you with a lived experience leader that is tailored to your needs through identifying your goals, strengths, interests, hopes, dreams and aspirations as a person with living experience of human vulnerability.
Click here to find out more."
November Mad Studies  
Mad Studies
Article Image
"4th November 
Join us this month to discuss the complexities of employment within the Lived Experience Professions. This month we are considering ‘Effective Peer Employment Within Multidisciplinary Organizations: Model for Best Practice’ by Louise Byrne, Helena Roennfeldt, Jessica Wolf, Ally Linfoot, Dana Foglesong, Larry Davidson, Chyrell Bellamy. The model is one that is the work of Lived Experience Academics who work within thus understand this field and issues that LXPs experience, collaborating with traditional researchers."
LXP Revolution
Article Image
Was your NHS trust on one of 24 on Santa’s Good List, ready to be blessed with a brand new Band 7 Lived Experience Professional (LXP) to join their staff? 
This means 24 new Band 7 posts exist or are in the pipeline. Are they local to you? Do you know about them? Maybe you want to to apply for one? Check out the blog, and contact your local trust to find out more.
Creative news and events
Book contributions - Birdsong from Inobservable Worlds
Dolly Sen - Unlimited/Wellcome Collection
Article Image
"Expression of interest deadline – 30 Nov 2021 
 Chapter submission deadline – 1 Feb 2022 
Dolly Sen, mad writer, filmmaker and artist, is looking for contributors to three books as part of her Birdsong from Inobservable Worlds project, funded by Unlimited and hosted by the Wellcome Collection. 
Birdsong from Inobservable Worlds explores and challenges the narrative in existing mental health archives, and adds missing voices to the current archives of madness. Medical archives and libraries are sorely lacking the survivor voice, especially the survivor voice of those more likely to be pathologized and ill-treated due to their colour, gender or sexuality.  
Each person will get £100 for their contribution, or the equivalent value in shopping vouchers if it affects benefits. They will also receive a free copy of the book.  
We are looking for: 
  • Personal accounts of your experience in the British mental health system or of mental distress/ill health and the connections with being a person of colour and/or with your gender and/or sexuality. 
  • B&W images/art on the same topics.  
Pieces can be up to 3000 words,  B&W images/art should fit in a 6”x 9”book. We’re looking for pieces written in a style that’s accessible to most readers, i.e. non-academic, no jargon, etc.  
Please submit your contact details, a synopsis of your chapter (300 words or less), and a short bio, and say which book you would like to submit to. Please send to "
Call for submissions  
The Colour of Madness
Article Image"Deadline: 12th November 2021
We're looking for additional artwork to include in the revised edition of The Colour of Madness! If you are an artist of colour in the UK with lived experience of a mental health conditon, we would love to hear from you. Submissions chosen for publication will be compensated. 
Art for Wellness  
Creative Wellness Journey CIC 
Article Image
I run a creative wellness hub for people looking for a supportive community and easy access to step by step resources to learn how to draw and paint with "Art for Wellness". 
Here to help people who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, looking to turn life around and feel … Happier, Healthier & more Confident
​With 4 different levels, so there is something for everyone!
"I am not here to give unrealistic and unattainable projects and goals
I am hear to help you make real connections, find your own style, explore emotions through creativity and feel better about yourself." Debbie Crouch
So if you are looking to change your life one step at a time to take better care of yourself and do something just for you. Now is the time to take a look at what is available to you."
Surveys and involvement opportunities 
Advance Statements Project
Advanced Statements for Black People
Article Image"We are currently assembling a Lived Expereince Advisory group to help inform us during the process of the a study working with black service users, their carers/informal supporters and slam staff to co-produce and improve access to advance statments. 
If you know/are a service user or a carer of a service user who has been detained under the MHA we would love your input. 
Are you:
  • A service user who has previously been detained under the Mental Health Act, and identify as being Black British, or of Black African or Carribean heritage (including mixed ethnicity)?
  • A carer/informal supporter of a Black service user who has been detained under the Mental Health Act?
For further information or to take part, email:"
Bristol Crisis Service for Women Podcasts 
Self Injury Support
Article Image
"Self Injury Support is creating a series of podcasts about the creation of our organisation and history of its brilliant peer-led support services. Based on 22 interviews with former staff and volunteers, the podcasts will tell our story in our own words. To make sure we’re not just speaking to ourselves,  we are looking for feedback from other women’s peer-led mental health organisations and activists during the content development process.
If you have the time and interest to take part in one of our research and development Zoom sessions, please contact Marnie Woodmeade ( for more information. You can find out more about the project here. We are grateful to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting this project."
South West Essex Mental Health Forum 
Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust
Article Image
"October 21 @ 10:30 - 12:00
Join us at the South West Essex Mental Health Forum. You will have the opportunity to ask Matt Auckburally, Service Manager for South West Community Mental Health Services/Assertive Outreach, and Mark Dale, Co-chair and EPUT Governor for Mid & South Essex, questions relating to mental health services and talk about your experiences of using our services in this area.
If you would like to attend this meeting, please email the Patient Experience Team at who will forward you on the meeting details and how to join virtually on Microsoft Teams. You are also able to dial in to the meeting if you are unable to join us online. Meeting link is also available here."
Calling all user, carer-led and seldom heard groups 
IMPACT Improving Adult Care Together
Article Image
IMPACT is committed to co-producing everything we do by working in equal partnerships with people who draw on social care services, carers and seldom heard groups. We want people to be meaningfully involved, in shaping all of our activities. We want to make our work accessible and inclusive. We want a level playing field for everyone involved in social care.
To do this we need to engage with the experts; user and carer led groups and community groups working with seldom heard people. So we are getting together a database of organisations and groups who might otherwise be excluded from involvement with IMPACT. If you would like to be on our database, enabling you to be involved with shaping and understanding our work as it develops and being part of a broader collective, all with a shared commitment to improving adult social care, please complete our online form."
Jobs and recruitment
Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager
Inclusion London 
Article Image
"Deadline: 24th October 
Salary: £36,000 to £40,000 p.a.  
The Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Manager will lead and develop Inclusion London’s voice, engagement and policy work at a regional pan-London level. You will establish and facilitate effective engagement and co-ordination of London DDPOs ensuring DDPOs are able to work together to collectively influence key areas of policy and practice locally and regionally. You will also develop, represent and build support for IL policy positions across a range of strategic partnerships and stakeholders."
Two Policy & Campaigns Officers
Disability Rights UK 
"Deadline: 4th November
Salary: £32-36,000 paArticle Image
We are Disabled people leading change. Are you passionate about equality and justice? Then join us to campaign for equal participation for all.
Working with the Head of Policy, the successful candidates will develop, deliver and review policy positions and campaign plans; engage Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) and Disabled people and allies in shaping and promoting change; and will advocate for change to government, parliamentarians, regulators and public and private organisations."
Lecturer in User Led Research
Kings College London
Article Image"Deadline: 1st November 
Salary: £46,934-£50,919 pa
This is an exciting opportunity to join the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE). SURE is a unique academic research group comprised predominantly of researchers with direct experience of neurodiversity, trauma violence and abuse, mental distress, and/or using mental health services. We conduct research from the perspectives of first-hand experiences, developing novel methods to do so. We support the next generation of researchers through PhD supervision and teaching, and connect our research to relevant local and national communities and networks."
We now have a new page on our website for listing current funding opportunities. We will continue to post notice of new (and imminently closing) funds in the bulletin.

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