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September 2018 Update
From our Executive Director, Maria Hudspith 
We know that people in pain have been impacted by the pendulum swing on opioids. We’ve heard from people in pain who have:
  • Been weaned aggressively or cut off medications, resulting in increased pain and a reduced quality of life;
  • Faced increasing stigma when accessing care;
  • Lost trust in the health care system or felt that their relationship with their doctor or health care team has suffered;
  • Seen their quality of life improve from a reduction in opioids for pain management, but now face tremendous stigma as the result of opioid substitution therapy; and
  • Reluctantly turned to the illicit drug market for relief, despite the significant risk of overdose from fentanyl contaminating the illicit drug supply.
Pain BC has been advocating for a more rational approach to the issues surrounding opioids, one that balances the harms with the benefits for people who require them for pain management. Until recently, there was little response from the federal government. That changed this spring when Health Canada’s Opioid Response Team reached out to engage people in pain and listen to their stories.
On September 5 and 6, the federal government held their second national Opioid Symposium with a focus on the lived experiences of both people who live with substance use and those who live with pain. Many chronic pain organizations attended, with Pain BC opening a roundtable with leaders from the pain community across Canada, Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor and other decision-makers from the federal government. There were 3 panels held on pain and the opioid response, focusing on themes of stigma, barriers to pain treatment and innovative approaches to pain management. People living with pain shared their stories along with clinical, research and policy experts. All recognized that the opioid response has resulted in unintended negatives consequences for people in pain and called for a national pain strategy.
While there's no doubt that chronic pain remains poorly recognized and under-treated both in our province and across Canada, acknowledgement from Health Canada is an important step forward. Stay tuned for future updates on this increasing momentum!
Live Plan Be  Connect for Health
Pain Foundations launching January 2019 
Online chronic pain course for health care providers
Pain Foundations is an online course designed for health care providers of all disciplines to address the challenges faced when assessing and treating people living with chronic pain. This course will enable health care providers to:
  • Identify and recognize the underlying symptoms of acute and chronic pain from a biopsychosocial perspective
  • Use tools to monitor the biopsychosocial impact on the patient and to reassess their pain management plan
  • Implement non-pharmacological strategies to create a holistic treatment plan for people living with pain
  • Learn to empower the patient to self-manage their pain
Course launch date: January 7, 2019
Cost: FREE for health care providers who pre-register before December 31, 2018
Canadian Academy of Health Sciences: Annual Forum 
Sep 13, 2018 in Vancouver
The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) will hold its Annual Forum in Vancouver on September 13thThe CAHS forum will discuss the need for a national strategy that would usher in a new era of chronic pain prevention, primary care and specialist treatment and prevention in Canada.
Patients, clinicians, scientists and innovators will present on drug discovery, new goals in non-pharmacological pain interventions, new ways to involve patients and better methods to deliver care. Pain BC Executive Director, Maria Hudspith, will be among the keynote speakers.
Fort Spike Classic: Charity roundnet tournament for Pain BC 
Sep 16, 2018 in Langley
Fort Sport and Family Physio are hosting their 1st annual charity roundnet tournament on September 16, 2018 in Langley. Those attending will be able to play either recreationally or competitively. Tickets are by donation and all proceeds will benefit Pain BC.
Request for feedback: Review of pain medication for inclusion in Pharmacare 
Accepting patient and caregiver feedback until Sep 19, 2018
The Ministry of Health is in the process of considering tapentadol hydrochloride (Nucynta® Extended Release) for coverage as a pain medication under Pharmacare and are requesting input from people in pain and caregivers as part of their review. Feedback will be accepted until September 19, 2018.
Request for feedback: Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) 
New network seeking feedback to improve how child pain is managed
The Centre for Pediatric Pain Research and the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) are in the process of developing a new network called “Solutions for Kids in Pain” (SKIP), with the goal of improving the way children's pain is managed in Canada and beyond. Anyone interested in children's pain management is encouraged to take a few minutes to fill out the survey. 
Invitation to join research study: Parenting with chronic pain 
The IWK Health Centre and Centre for Pediatric Pain Research are looking for parents with chronic pain and their children ages 11-17 years to join their online research study, which consists of completing a short daily diary for a period of 7 days.
Virtual learning session for health professionals: How do I help my patient who has chronic pain and is using opioids? 
Sep 21, 2018
Dr. Rob Tanguay and colleagues from Alberta Health Services are hosting a virtual learning session on September 21, 2018 to discuss how health care providers can best support patients using opioids for chronic pain relief. Those interested can register here or e-mail for more information.
Upcoming webinars: In partnership with WWDPI 
The Costs and Benefits of Recruiting and Retaining People with Mental Illness 
In this webinar, participants will explore the business case for hiring, accommodating and supporting employees with mental illness.
Sep 11, 2018 11am-12pm PST: Find out more
Sustained Employability of Cancer Patients and Survivors: Are We Getting Any Closer? 
Learn about the adverse work outcomes experienced by cancer patients and survivors during the whole cancer care continuum.
Sep 26, 2018 8:30-9:30am PST: Find out more
Strategies for Supporting Smoking Cessation Among Indigenous Fathers: Results of a Participatory Design Project
´╗┐Join researchers as they discuss their findings from consultations with Indigenous fathers and stakeholders, which have been used to develop a smoking cessation program for fathers.
Oct 15, 2018 11am-12pm PST: Find out more
Employers' Management of Employees Affected by Cancer
This webinar will explore the current evidence on the factors that likely to influence an employers' management of employees recovering from cancer
Oct 17, 2018 8:30-9:30am PST: Find out more
Work Outcomes in Self-Employed Cancer Survivors
Details coming soon.
Nov 27, 2018 8:30-9:30am PST: Find out more
Pain BC is a program partner for the Chronic Pain Webinar Series hosted by the Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute. 
Upcoming Pain BC and partner events 
Workshop | Chronic Pain Management for Chiropractors
This workshop is intended for chiropractors or students of chiropractic interested in developing or enhancing sound clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of people living with complex and chronic pain.
Sept 29-30, 2018 - Vancouver: Register now
Workshop | Chronic Pain Management for Registered Massage Therapists
This workshop provides RMTs with an opportunity to learn how modifications of traditional massage therapy practices can increase success and improve outcomes for people in pain.
Sept 30, 2018 - Kelowna: Register now
Oct 14, 2018 - Vancouver: Register now
Pain BC Webinar | myoActivation Treatment in a Primary Care Setting
Join Barb Eddy, Family Nurse Practitioner as she gives her perspective on providing myoActivation treatment for chronic pain in her practice at the Downtown Community Health Centre in Vancouver.
Oct 2, 2018 12-1pm PST: Register now
Interdisciplinary Pain Education Day: Current Topics in Pain Management
Pain BC is parterning with Providence Health to deliver this fantastic day of pain talks on topics including: Managing Pain and Addiction, Pain and Ethics, The Cannabis Question, Resilience,  Prescription Opioids and Pain, and Soundscapes, Music and Pain.
Oct 19, 2018 at St. Paul's Hospital: Find out more
Pain BC Webinar | Acupuncture and Chronic Pain
In this webinar, Dr. Teresa Clarke, staff physician in the Complex Chronic Diseases Program at BC Women’s Hospital will present on her work providing acupuncture treatment to people living with chronic pain. 
Oct 24, 2018 12-1pm PST: Register now
Pain BC programs and initiatives are funded, in whole or in part, by the Government of British Columbia.
In the News
In the News 
A particular gene may make some individuals more susceptible to developing chronic pain after experiencing a traumatic car accident.
The overdose crisis in the US has left people in pain feeling unable to openly communicate with their physicians about their pain.
A person in pain shares a personal account of their difficulties in receiving adequate care as a result of the changes made to the opioid prescribing guidelines in Nova Scotia. Their story is familiar to what's been experienced by many in BC.
A brief history of common treatment methods that have been utilized for pain relief from 3400 BC until present day.
The results of a recent US survey indicate that the current approach to pain care is ineffective and in need of changes which include extended health care coverage for various therapies.

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