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February 2019 Update
From our Executive Director, Maria Hudspith
Spotlight: IASP Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable Populations
Each year, The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) leads an international campaign to raise awareness on different aspects of pain that have global implications. They recently launched the 2019 Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable Populations, which includes the elderly, infants and young children, individuals with cognitive impairments or psychiatric disorders, and survivors of war and torture. The underlying goal of the campaign is to raise awareness, foster education and research the issue of pain in vulnerable communities, who are both more likely to experience chronic pain and face barriers to accessing health care. More details about the 2019 Global Year Against Pain in the Most Vulnerable Populations can be accessed here.
Pain BC is also increasing our response to the issue of pain in vulnerable communities. Our new Making Sense of Pain Class Series is designed for vulnerable and marginalized people with pain. The program provides participants with opportunities to learn about pain, the various factors that can cause pain or make it worse, and simple strategies that can help participants better manage pain in everyday life. The curriculum has been redeveloped by an Indigenous curriculum developer in order to make it relevant for Indigenous communities, and the sessions will be facilitated by Elders within a culturally relevant and safe context.
Our EQUIP for Pain project is exploring barriers to accessing care that exist in several communities: Indigenous communities, LGBTQ2S communities and refugees/newcomers to Canada. This project allows us to learn from members of these communities in order to improve support services and advance more equity-oriented care for people living with chronic pain who may also experience other kinds of discrimination.
Pain BC wholeheartedly recognizes the value of the patient voice in all its diverse forms. We recently partnered with patient advocate Keith Meldrum on a webinar in which he discussed the value of the patient voice and why it matters for health care providers when treating patients with chronic pain. We will focus on engaging diverse patients in all aspects of our work throughout 2019 and beyond.
I look forward to sharing more about how we are addressing the needs and building on the strengths of people living in marginalized conditions in the coming months. Thanks for all that you do to support people living with pain.
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Recent Pain BC webinar 
The patient voice: An integrated approach to providing care for chronic pain patients
You can now watch a recording of our most recent webinar in which patient advocate Keith Meldrum talks about the value of the patient voice and why it matters for health care providers when treating patients with chronic pain.
Using Cannabis to Treat Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: Free online course 
The Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University has launched a free e-learning course on medical cannabis called Using Cannabis to Treat Non-Cancer Pain. If you're using medical cannabis to manage your pain or are interested in learning more, this free course contains 23 evidence-based lessons that can provide you with more information on how cannabis works, its effect on daily activities, and having conversations with others about medical cannabis.
Patient engagement opportunity: Patient and Community Advisory Committee 
Applications being accepted until February 24, 2019
The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is looking for people with lived experiences to join their Patient and Community Advisory Committee, which will provide insight on the use of medications and medical devices in the Canadian health care system. They encourage applications from those with experiences as patients and/or caregivers. Applications are being accepted until February 24, 2019.
Patient engagement opportunity: College of Pharmacists Volunteer Committees 
Applications accepted until February 18, 2019
The College of Pharmacists of BC is looking for volunteers to join a number of their public committees, which support the College in ensuring pharmacists have the knowledge and skills to provide safe and effective care to the public. There are several committees to choose from and a full list can be found on their website. Applications will be accepted until February 18, 2019.
Public engagement opportunity: Scientific Advisory Committee on Health Products for Women 
Nominations being accepted until February 22, 2019
Health Canada is looking for Canadian women to serve on an advisory committee for women's health products. Nominees may include: patient groups, health care professionals, scientists, industry experts and those working in the academic and/or public policy sectors. Nominations (including self-nominations) are being accepted until February 22, 2019.
Overcoming Fatigue 
Free online learning module for people living with pain
The Arthritis Society has put together a free online learning module on managing the effects of fatigue. As many chronic illnesses are characterized by pain and fatigue, the tips shared in this online module are relevant for people living with pain.
Upcoming Pain BC and partner events, workshops and webinars 
Pain BC workshop: Chronic Pain Management for Registered Massage Therapists
This workshop provides RMTs with an opportunity to learn how modifications of traditional massage therapy practices can increase success and improve outcomes for people in pain.
Mar 24, 2019 in Vancouver: Register now
Sep 29, 2019 in Kelowna: Register now
Nov 3, 2019 in Vancouver: Register now
Nov 24, 2019 in Victoria: Register now
Pain BC workshop: Chronic Pain Management for Chiropractors
This workshop is for chiropractors or students of chiropractic interested in developing or enhancing their clinical skills in the assessment and treatment of people living with complex and chronic pain.
Sep 28-29, 2019 - Vancouver: ´╗┐Register now
WWDPI webinar: Working with persistent pain
This webinar will present current research on the impacts of pain on the workplace and the types of resources that employees are seeking to assist them in maintaining employment despite their persistent pain.
Mar 12, 2019 at 2:30pm PST: Register now
Pain BC programs and initiatives are funded, in whole or in part, by the Government of British Columbia.
In the News
In the News 
A person living with pain shares several tips that can help with managing pain flare-ups.
The results of a recent study suggest that in US states with approved medical marijuana programs, chronic pain is the most commonly reported reason for using medical cannabis.
Patient advocate Claire Snyman shares her recent involvement with the CMA Patient Voice, a new patient/caregiver advisory group that will provide their input on key health issues affecting Canadians.
People living with pain share their thoughts on not being able to work due to illness.
In this short video, Pain BC's Executive Director, Maria Hudspith, speaks to Global News about medical cannabis and chronic pain.
A new study explores the relationship between sleep deprivation and increased sensitivity to pain.

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