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Fall, 2015
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Upcoming Events 

2015 Surge Fellow Graduation 
This month, the Inaugural Insurgents will complete the Surge Fellowship program, present their Capstone Projects, and continue leading as they represetn the first among future Surge Fellowship Alumni. Surge Fellows' families and employers are invited to the 2015 Surge Fellowship Cohort Graudation Luncheon and Capston Project Showcase.
Please join us in congratulating the 2015 Surge Fellows on social media on September 25, 2015. #2015SurgeFellows 
2016 Camelback Application Opens

The Camelback Fellowship application is live! Camelback Ventures is changing the face of social entrepreneurship.
Camelback Fellows have won competitive social innovation awards from organizations such as Echoing Green, Teach For America, Yale and UPenn. If you're interested apply today, or learn more by registering for their webinar here!
Fall is upon us and with this new season comes exciting news from Surge! In this issue you will find details about the new 2016 Surge Fellowship Cohort and our much anticipated graduation celebration for the 2015 Surge Fellows.  #LeadTheSurge 7.14.15 was a hit this summer, and we hosted an intimate luncheon discussion with some of our country's foremost education thought leaders and influencers. Additionally, gifts from individual donors have increased by over 2000%. We are grateful and delighted to know that you are inspired by our work to transform education through leadership diversity!  
~Carmita Vaughan, Founder and President
Recent News 

Supporting America's Promise 
This summer, Surge Founder Carmita Vaughan attended the America's Promise Alliance Annual Board Meeting in Washington, DC. America’s Promise Alliance is the nation’s largest partnership; comprised of hundreds of national nonprofits, businesses, communities, educators and citizens who believe that "all children are capable of learning and thriving, and that every individual, institution and sector shares the responsibility to help young people succeed."  Carmita is pictured right with America's Promise Board Chair Alma Powell and CEO John Gomperts.

Take a few minutes to check out the Alliance's new report DON'T QUIT ON MEWhat Young People Who Left School Say About the Power of Relationships. The report examines the roles that relationships with adults and peers play in decisions about staying in, leaving and returning to high school.

Convening Education Change Agents
In the midst of education turmoil in Chicago, #LeadTheSurge 7.14.15
brought education leaders together for an evening to connect and hear inspiring messages from the 2015 Surge Fellows. 2015 Fellows LeShonne Segura (right), Melissa Connelly (left), and Khair Sadrud-Din moved the crowd with reflections and personal testimonies about their Surge Fellowship experiences. 

In August, we had the honor of hosting an intimate luncheon discussion with key influencers from around the country including Allan Golston, the President of the U.S. Program for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Darryl Cobb, a Partner at Charter School Growth Fund, and Kaya Henderson, Chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. The panelists led a riveting conversation about the necessity of true community connection and more diverse education leadership to improve educational outcomes for young people. 

Welcome 2016 Surge Fellows
On September 9, 2015 we announced the 2016 Surge Fellows. The Surge Fellowship's second diverse cohort is comprised of thirteen emerging leaders from higher education, CPS, charternetworks and advocacy organizations.
The year-long 2016 Surge Fellowship program will provide Fellows with leadership development, executive skills training, enhanced visibility and access to valuable networks.

 Surge Ambassadors Making Moves
Spring and Summer brought awards and recognition for well-deserving 2015 Surge Fellows and Staff.

Candace Moore was awarded the Chicago Bar Foundation's Kimball R. Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Law FellowshipDuJuan Smith was accepted into the PhD program for Higher Education Administration at Illinois State University and was selected to be an Associate Board Member at Chicago Scholars. Cassie Williams is the new Director of Talent Management at Civitas Education Partners, and Ana Martinez is now serving New Leaders as Executive Director – Midwest Regional Program. 

Erica Harris (top) and Sasha Dzubay (bottom) officially joined the Surge team full-time in the roles of Vice President, Programs and Operations Manager, respectively. 
Featured Fellow 

Get to know
Stacey Mitchell
Senior Managing Director, Staff Diversity and Inclusiveness, Teach for America
1.Was education your calling? If so, why? If not, what changed your path?
I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was very young. I was shaped in profound ways by my teachers throughout the years and knew I wanted to be able to have the same impact. As I grew older, I came to understand that I, a first-generation college graduate growing up on the South Side of Chicago, my family and others like me, had been systemically disadvantaged by a structure of oppression, particularly through educational disparities. This fueled my desire to empower those like me by equipping them with equitable access to excellent education.

2. As an emerging leader with a time machine, what is one piece of leadership advice you would share with your "childhood self"?
I would tell my childhood self to quiet the inner voice of fear that says, "You are not enough." We fear that we are not smart enough, skilled enough, connected enough, informed enough, strong enough, loved enough to get anything more than small treasures. We don’t realize that, as long as fear keeps our hands tightly clasped around a small treasure, we eliminate all possibility of grasping for something of even greater value.

3. What action hero or cartoon character do you most identify with, and why?
I most identify with Pepper Ann. She was the middle school protagonist on a short-lived, self-titled cartoon in the early nineties. She was curious, fun-loving and wanted to do well. She learned lessons…sometimes the hard way. She was forward-thinking among her classmates and perhaps ahead of her time. And she didn’t take herself so seriously that she couldn’t see the humor in life, even when it was challenging.
Leadership Lighthouse 

The Leadership Lighthouse is a regular Surge newsletter feature that highlights leaders catalyzing transformative change. 

Ti-Rock Moore is this issue’s Leadership Lighthouse Keeper.  
Ti-Rock Moore is a white, New Orleans born artist, whose exhibits highlight the history of race in America. Surge Fellows had the privilege of meeting Ti-Rock on August 20th at Gallery Guichard, during her first solo show entitled “Confronting Truths, Wake Up!” That evening, Ms. Moore addressed a full house of predominantly African American guests on the exhibit's closing night. In her comments, Ti-Rock expressed her frustration and sadness that America had not moved past issues of race in America, but she declared that she could no longer stand still or remain silent about the reality of white privilege. “My silence makes me complicit in the problem, and so I am committed to expressing myself through my art.”  We salute you Ti-Rock Moore! Thank you for using your artistry to raise awareness and prompt courageous conversations that catalyze positive change.
Surge Institute

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