March 2015
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You can help children succeed!
Technology For All continues to provide assistance to educational endeavors.  Your financial support enables TFA to not only provide computer training at our public computer centers, but to also be involved with the future of public school districts.  TFA is providing technical and training support for these and other educational programs in the area.  We could not accomplish these goals without your generous support.  Let's work together to ensure the success of our next generation of leaders.
TFA Works Together to Help Students Achieve
Our children are our future, and their education is crucial to their success.  Technology For All (TFA) is working together with the Houston Independent School District to help students achieve and prepare for their future endeavors.  Many studies show that parental involvement in schools promotes positive attitudes and motivation in students.  Today's technology has brought about new methods of interaction between students, teachers and parents, offering many options of promoting success in schools.
HISD has launched two programs which engage students, teachers and parents toward the same goal -- student achievement.  Your gifts and encouragement are helping TFA support these programs to help students achieve. 
"PowerUp" Initiative
HISD is transforming teaching and learning methodology to fit with today's digital world by "powering up" campuses.  Students and teachers in HISD schools are receiving laptops, access to the internet and a "hub" of shared educational resources.   TFA provides free internet access to the Milby High School students surrounding its neighborhood through the TFA-Wireless project with Rice University.  TFA also provides volunteers to coach teachers on the new offerings so they are ready to work with today's digitally wired students.  You make this possible.
Parent/Student Connection
Your gifts to TFA also encourage student success through PS Connect, an online service which allows parents, students and teachers to monitor student activities, such as grades and attendance.  The program has not been utilized well in recent years, but with the new laptop rollout, HISD is encouraging parents to become more engaged and seek information about their student's academic progress.  TFA's role with PS Connect has been to assist parents in signing up and to teach them how to use the system to encourage their children.  Volunteers are continually needed to support both efforts.  To volunteer, click on the Volunteer Now button above.

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