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The Harvest Center of Charlotte's
Community Gazette
February 2015, Issue 12
We want to send a special note of gratitude to all of our monthly donors. You make life change possible to homeless men and women 365 days each year!
We're more and more amazed at what God is doing in the lives of so many, and it would not be possible without your generous financial support.
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PARTICIPANT SPOTLIGHT: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 
When Scott moved into our transitional housing program, he saw a defeated and depressed alcoholic every time he looked in the mirror. He was broken by the burden he had become to society. Like others in our program, Scott’s past life was riddled with self-destructive behavior that did great harm to him and his relationships with others.
Today, Scott has a new perspective on himself and his future thanks to our partners at MY Dentists Latrobe.On February 2, Scott was fitted with a brand new pair of pearly white teeth and his cheeks are starting to ache from all of the smiling he has been doing since!
We are so proud of Scott for his commitment to the process of life change. Equipped with a great job, supportive community, a safe place to stay and his infectious smile and personality, Scott is ready to live a productive life and give back to the community that has given him so much.
Please donate to our transitional housing program to support the incredible mind, body and spirit transformation like that of Scott's!
FUNDRAISING SPOTLIGHT: $50 Off BeautyKind Purchase! 
Please enjoy $50 off your next BeautyKind purchase by entering BK-HC-FEB15 at check out! No minimum order required.Every day, BeautyKind allows you to direct 5% of your product purchase price to the cause of your choice,including the programs and services of The Harvest Center of Charlotte! Thanks to BeautyKind for their support!
VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Dick Reif – Business Builders Class 
What brought you to The Harvest Center of Charlotte?
Following a career in healthcare financial management, I retired in 2012. Much of my work involved my being away from home in Charlotte for weeks at a time. While Charlotte was my home, I really did not know the community. I made a decision to learn more about my home town and to become more involved in giving back. As it turned out, a conference on various charity and volunteer initiatives was held in January 2013 at Forest Hill Church, so I attended. Among the various activities and presentations one in particular caught my attention. It turned out to be a small gathering and discussion about a unique class being held at The Harvest Center of Charlotte. I had no previous knowledge of the Harvest Center but was interested in what Jim Martin was doing there. So, I joined with him at the Business Builders class and became hooked on the idea and potential to help individuals follow their passions and regain meaningful work.
How has serving at the Harvest Center of Charlotte impacted you?
Assisting with the Business Builders class has enriched me through just getting to know a new and different group of men and women. Prior to The Harvest Center of Charlotte, I had little direct interaction with individuals seeking renewal in their lives. I have a great appreciation for them as individuals and realize that we are all one in Christ. The Harvest Center of Charlotte continues to provide enrichment that I had not anticipated.

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