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March 2014, Issue 1
Creating Community - Transforming Lives
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Director's Notes 
Executive Director, Colin Pinkney
February was a short month, but March is here and big things are happening at The Harvest Center (THC)! First, we are proud to congratulate the inaugural graduates of our Transitional Housing Program. These individuals have persevered over the last year to see their lives transformed by the love of God and the commitment of our staff and volunteers.  
Next, we are off to a great start this year with over 209 volunteers logging 450 hours of service in 2014—the equivalent of 4 volunteers per day! THC is a volunteer supported organization and each person giving their time and talent makes our mission of restoring homeless men and women a reality! Tremendous thanks to all of our volunteers! We love you and appreciate your generosity and sacrifice.
We would especially like to salute our first time volunteers from Berkeley Capital Advisors. They jumped right in to serve 200 meals with smiles and enthusiasm!  
Finally, yours truly was presented with the international “Golden Rule Award” for many years of community service work.  Charlotte is a compassionate community and I am inspired daily by the efforts of others who share my passion to make a difference in the lives of lost and hurting people. With God on our side, there is nothing we can’t do to bring Jesus to those who are in need!
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Volunteer Spotlight 
Two Men and Our Computers
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THC is blessed with a unique volunteer core that serves us in many ways. For example, retired veterans Lloyd Briggs and Harold Dunning spent four hours working in our computer lab over the
Valentine’s Day holiday weekend to repair and upgrade our computers. It was truly a labor of love.
In this technology-dominated culture, it is an expensive proposition to pay for all the computer service that we need. Volunteers like Lloyd and Harold not only provide a valuable service to help us accomplish our mission, they also helped us save a few hundred dollars in service fees. Those dollars are now available to cover the cost of programs that feed the poor and house the homeless!
Thank you, gentlemen, and may the Lord bless you for your sacrifice and commitment to THC!

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Program Spotlight 
Moving Up!
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Do you recall that special feeling you had when you graduated high school or college? Reaching a milestone and achieving success made you want to celebrate and appreciate all you had done to reach that place.

Well, in that very spirit, THC was all a buzz as the first four, out of five, graduates of our Transformation Program marched on stage to receive their certificates of recognition for completing the required phases. What an honor to see those who were formerly homeless move on to more independent lifestyles. To God be the glory!

Congratulations, again, to Deborah (not pictured), Sherman, Benn, Chris and Dorothy (Dot)!

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BIG News! 
The Power of Community Partnerships
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We are incredibly thankful to AAA of the Carolinas for their generous donation of $10,000 for our homeless and feeding services!
We appreciate their continued
partnership in serving our community.

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