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Creating Community - Transforming Lives
April 2014, Issue 2
Executive Director,
Colin Pinkney
Colin Pinkney has served at THC since 2013, and has been the Chaplain for the Charlotte Bobcats (soon to be Hornets) since 2005. He is a skilled executive leadership and life coach, and counsels men and married couples to restore healthy marriage and family values to the community.
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Dear ,
Aren’t you glad Spring has arrived? I know I am. Spring is the season of hope and hope is something we could all use more of. I get a great deal of hope when I see lives being changed for good as the Lord allows us to help our neighbors in need. However, this newsletter is about how our neighbors are inspiring us with their testimonies of transformation and gratefulness.

This month you will learn about some of our program participants who are overcoming their challenges to lead productive lives again. As you read their stories, I would ask that you add them to your prayer list. The enemy would like nothing more than to cause them to derail as they make their way from homelessness to hope again! Also, I ask that you forward this email to your friends. I know they will be blessed by the work that The Harvest Center (THC) is doing to make Charlotte a world class city for all Charlotteans, including our homeless friends. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of our newsletter by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram

Many blessings,
Program Spotlight 
Love Thy Neighbor - Lend a Helping Hand
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At THC we have a habit of helping our neighbors in need, and even our program participants get in on the act of giving back to the community. On the first weekend of Spring, Chris, Lamari, Ashley and Jeff got up early to help load up and haul away debris from a neighbor’s home. 

What a great example of Christ's admonition to do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
These men are learning how to lead productive lives as part of our transitional housing program, called the Transformation Program. The Program takes homeless men and women off of the streets and provides them with housing, counseling, employment, education and personal development services. What a blessing it is to serve our neighbors in need, and what more of a blessing it is when they return the generosity shown to them! You can make transformation a reality for more men and women by giving your financial support today!  

Participant Spotlight 
Henrietta's Triumph - Getting Healthy and Getting Along
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In July 2013, Henrietta entered our Transformation Program feeling alone, anxious and worthless. She faced what looked like a long road ahead, with a serious medical condition, a long term addiction and nowhere to sleep at night.
Due to her own commitment along with the caring support of our kitchen and transformation staff, Henrietta was able to exit the Program with a new lease on life and a new car to go with it. In addition, she has reached several other milestones which gives us a great deal of hope for her future: She lost over 15 pounds, saved over $1,300, and moved into her own apartment! I think you will agree that Henrietta’s life has been transformed. Now she influences others with her own story of success as she continues to volunteer in the soup kitchen, where she once stood in line for food.
Big News! 
Special Event - March Madness Man Breakfast
We are excited to share the opportunity for men of all ages to join Colin and several former NCAA basketball stars as they talk life, hoops and God at the March Madness Man Breakfast. The event, being held at Radiant Church in Charlotte on Saturday, April 5th, includes breakfast, a panel discussion and free throw shooting afterwards.

To attend or share the event with the men in your life, and to support Colin as he shares his vision for a healthy community, get more information and register HERE

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