June 2020 - Latest News from Langham Partnership UKI

Encouragement from Jeremiah

Chris Wright recently shared some words of encouragement from Jeremiah.  A letter written to the exiles in Babylon offered a fresh perspective, a fresh challenge and a fresh hope and the message is as relevant for us today as it was for the Babylonians.  Read it here.

Outcast and isolated

These are extraordinary weeks for the peoples of the world with such widespread suffering and uncertainty. Phil Nicholson (Preaching regional coordinator for East Asia) has written of his experience of exclusion and isolation. Whilst this was a temporary position for Phil, it did cause him to reflect on Jesus approach to inclusion and acceptance.  Read more.

A biblical basis to stay home?

What does the Bible tell us about how to respond to the coronavirus pandemic? What lessons does the word of God hold for us and how can it help us deal with the current pandemic? Author, Chinyere Felicia Priest, has written an article addressing these issues in a Nigerian context.  Read more

Langham Preaching

Langham Preaching trains pastors around the world to preach and teach the Bible, equipping them to shepherd their churches. This sound biblical knowledge is particularly important during times of crisis and upheaval, when people look to their leaders (whether spiritual or political) for guidance and help. One of our regional Preaching co-ordinators in Asia shares her thoughts on the value of Langham Preaching.

Also in the news...

Keswick Ministries are taking their annual summer convention online this year between 27 and 31 July 2020. 

Chris Wright, our International Ministries Director, will be preaching at the Keswick Radio 4 service held on Sunday 26 July and Rico Villanueva (Langham Scholars and Langham Publishing) will be taking one of the seminars during the week.  If you missed Rico's inspiring reflection on Lament then you can read it here.

Look out for our Langham Live events taking place over the next few months.  Coming up in July we have an event to tie in with the Keswick Convention, as well as regular opportunities to pray together. Then in September we will have a virtual Vision Event to replace those originally planned to take place in Scotland.

An invitation to our next prayer meeting will be landng in your in-box shortly.



How infectious is your Christian faith and that of your congregation or fellowship? We’ve heard much about the ‘R’ number over the last couple of months. According to gov.uk, ‘The reproduction number ‘R’ is the average number of secondary infections produced by 1 infected person’, and it’s critical for containing and eliminating the pandemic. Above 1 and the number of infected people spiral upwards, below 1 and control then eradication is possible.

So, if the Christian faith is more caught than taught, where the Holy Spirit first prompts then backs up the risk taken by individuals and groups of Christians as they share their faith, then what is/are our R numbers?

In the majority world this is pure Langham territory. Langham exists to encourage the multiplication of indigenous ministries, increasing the local R number, this time to positive effect. Your support invests directly in that mission and ministry R number. But then, maybe the reports and testimonies in this eNews flow back to us, to encourage our own R number and those in our own limb of the church. And then, maybe that encourages further support for Langham and the impact of our mission and ministry becomes uncontainable?

With thanks for your help and support and with Christian greetings,

John Libby, National Director, Langham Partnership UK and Ireland


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