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Taking research onto the streets of Greece

Nine years on from PhD studies at Cambridge University, Langham Scholar Dr Myrto Theocharous is not confined to a dusty library! Alongside her role as a Professor of Old Testament at the Greek Bible College, Dr Myrto serves vulnerable women on the streets. Her research into the book of Deuteronomy ignited a passion to help refugees and human trafficking victims. Read this fascinating interview with Dr Myrto, used with permission from Tyndale House.
Myrto Theocharous
Hindi SABCHindi translation of landmark commentary published

Join us in praising God that the Hindi translation of the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC) is about to be released. Our prayer is that many Hindi-speaking believers will be blessed by this commentary, which contextually approaches scripture. Read more about this Langham Literature project on our website.
First Japanese Langham Scholar graduates

Kei Hiramatsu successfully defended his dissertation at Asbury Theological Seminary last month. He is the first Langham Scholar from Japan, and he returns there to teach at a seminary from January. Kei is grateful for the hard work of the Langham Scholars team in supporting him and his family. Kei is married with three young daughters.

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Don't forget: Langham Live!

Keep an eye out for an email coming soon about this month's Langham Live Zoom calls. Many supporters have been so encouraged by these short prayer sessions, connecting believers from around the world. November's Langham Live calls are next Thursday and Friday.

We are very excited to be sharing a special Langham Advent calendar with our supporters this year. On every day of Advent, visit and be encouraged by prayers, videos and devotional thoughts from Langham friends around the world. Please share this with your friends and family!

Next month we are also holding weekly 'Advent with Langham' conversations on Zoom. These will take place on Tuesday lunchtimes and involve Langham staff and contacts in the Middle East, Africa, South America and the UK. Sign up now to receive the Zoom details.


Foggy, gloomy and overcast on a good day, with colder, darker mornings and evenings including wind and rain on the less good! Greetings from Cumbria where we’re putting the final details to Langham’s online Advent calendar and readings. Advent, where a major theme is expecting and responding to the Light… we need that vision to sustain us, especially as we approach the end of this particular calendar year. With an international pandemic and a huge geographical spread of political unrest and economic hardship, gloom is surely not just the seasonal Northern experience? Of course, unsettled climate can make for drama and contrast, even excitement and, as has been said, ‘There’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’, only inappropriate clothing!’ I’ll let you try to ‘spiritualise’ that observation, but it might include journeying with us through Advent? ‘The true light that gives light to everyone’ has come and indeed, is coming again into the world. Rejoice with expectant hearts in the glimpses of light in this edition and receive our heartfelt thanks for your support.
With Christian greetings, as ever

John Libby, National Director, Langham Partnership UK and Ireland


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