It’s fair to say that the outbreak of Coronavirus and the more recent ‘lockdown’ in the United Kingdom has had a significant impact on work for many of us, and for some that means working from home. Less than 30% of the workforce had worked from home during 2019, and now we are being required to do so where possible. This represents a substantial change as our home has become our place of work, and there are additional challenges at play because of the current pandemic.

In times of such uncertainty, many of us are understandably living with a heightened sense of anxiety. Many people are feeling worried and fearful of what will happen in the coming days, weeks and potentially months and having to quickly adjust to major changes in their lives. 
At the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, we have adapted our Workplace Wellbeing Action Plan so that it can be used while working from home, and by managers supporting staff who are working remotely. It’s a practical tool that we can all use whether or not we have a mental health issue, and it includes a positive daily plan that you can fill in.

Working from home: Your Wellbeing Action Plan is available on our website now. Please pass this on to friends, family and colleagues who may benefit from using it.

Working from home: Your Wellbeing Action Plan
For more practical, positive, evidence-based resources on mental health – during the Coronavirus outbreak and more generally– 
visit our website.

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