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APRIL 2019
Gates Foundation & Giving Circle Convening
Earlier this month, American Muslim Fund was invited as part of a Giving Circle convening to the Gates Foundation and Seattle Foundation. The focus was to gather input and feedback on strategies related to charitable giving, provide infrastructure and support for Giving Circles, and work with a variety of stakeholders to strengthen relationships and share knowledge between attendees to further connect and build the field. The convenings goal was to democratize, demystify, and diversify philanthropy. AMF was one of 60 participant organizations which included other community foundations, giving circles, and networks of nonprofits from across the country.
 Advancing Muslim Philanthropy: Planned Giving & Zakat
In partnership, American Muslim Fund & AMANA Mutual Funds will be hosting a pre-Ramadan webinar to showcase how families can take advantage of giving through their IRAs, appreciated assets, and focus on best practices for charitable giving. Please register by Friday April 26.
'Advancing Muslim Philanthropy' tour on the Road
New Jersey & New York
From April 12-14, Muhi will be visiting the Islamic Center of Passaic County on Friday April 12 8-9:30pm and the Islamic Center of Long Island Sunday April 14 11am-1pm.
On April 26, Muhi will be at the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit for Friday prayers along with visiting a few other Metro Detroit area mosques April 24-28. For more details, please reach out to
San Francisco
On Monday April 29 at 5:30pm Pacific, AMF will be hosting a presentation downtown to share insights on Donor Advised Funds, the vision behind AMF, and how you and your favorite nonprofits can take advantage of our services. Refreshments will be provided. $10/person, sign up here.
Tired of Collecting Donation Receipts? 
A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) can streamline your donations. When you use a DAF, a single tax receipt is all you need. You tell us when and how you want to distribute your donations and we take care of the rest. We vet your charities, keep track of your donations, advise you on the best charities to support and can even invest your funds so that your charitable dollar grows.

Make donating in Ramadan great again...simply reply to this email for more information or visit:
If your favorite organizations are not listed on our website under eligible organizations, make sure they fill out our form at: These charities have received more than $800,000 since 2017. AMF vets charities for the families we work with to make sure the causes you care about are in compliance with the IRS and are following best practices. 
Support AMF
We'll translate your donation into building stronger nonprofits, helping families choose effective organizations, and showcasing the generosity of American Muslims across the country.
There are many ways to support AMF. You can select us as your Amazon Smile charity of choice, consider hosting an event for AMF in Ramadan, follow us on social media or volunteer your skillset! You can help us advance Muslim philanthropy across the country 
As a community foundation, we work for you. Whether you can chip in $10, $100, or $1,000, please donate today!
Fund our strategic initiatives by contributing to our Endowment so we can make a sustainable difference for generations to come.

American Muslim Health Professionals
American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP) is a nonprofit seeking to improve the health and wellness of all Americans. AMHP’s three areas of focus are mental health, professional development and advocacy for underserved communities.

AMHP has launched Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Certification Training in communities across the country. MHFA is an evidence-based program which introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of common mental health illnesses like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and addiction. It uses role-playing and simulations to demonstrate how to assess a mental health crisis; select interventions and provide initial help; and connect persons to professional, peer, social, and self-help care. The training is appropriate for a wide variety of audiences, including but not limited to: community leaders, clergy, parents, youth directors, educators, and medical providers.

With 1 in 5 Americans suffering from mental health conditions, it is important to learn more about AMHP’s zakat eligible efforts in improving mental health literacy in our communities.
Visit to learn more.

Haaris Abbasi

Everyone struggles in different ways. One of the benefits of nonprofits organizations is to help people with those struggles by providing services to solve problems. I have always tried to hear people out and learn from their perspective and observe their truths. I like to establish communication and create dialogue with people from all walks of life. This has allowed me to talk and listen from the heart. When I learn about the challenges people face, it motivates me to do good and help. Whether it is providing a meal to someone in need or spending time to volunteer on the weekends, I hope to pay it forward. We're living in an affluent society but still struggle with issues of homelessness, hunger, and access to basic needs like shelter and health care.
I want people to know that my faith empowers me to help feed, clothe, and house those who may be less fortunate. When I support people or organizations that help those struggling directly, I can partner with the American Muslim Fund to showcase that I, as a Muslim, care about them.
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Founded in 2016, the American Muslim Fund (AMF) is a grassroots, national community foundation in the United States focused on creating Donor Advised Funds, distributing grants, and building endowments for the Muslim community.
Leading sacred, sustainable & strategic Muslim philanthropy for today & future generations. 

 American Muslim Fund cultivates a thriving philanthropic ecosystem to advance charitable causes by evolving donor giving and diversifying funding pathways for community organizations.

American Muslim Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, IRS Tax ID # 81-2936073.

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