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August 2018
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July Highlights
We had an amazing time at the Houston Dynamos game thanks to Halliburton and the Houston Dynamos!
Straight from the Top 
By Marcus Denman, Executive Director
Summertime is almost over!
Let me begin by sending out a big “Thank You” to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pope, Halliburton, and the Houston Dynamo organization for the wonderful soccer experiences in July.  The joy the Villagers experienced, and are still raving about, was so wonderful.
DaMarcus Williams won the Halliburton Soccer Skills Challenge and was able to kick and make the first goal at the Houston Dynamo game on July 25th.  He is still smiling! Also, Chelsi Darden, Matt Fisher, and Casey Jackson all placed at the skill challenge and had their pictures taken at the game with the Dynamo team.
Now for your Village News!
I'd like to offer a thanks to our Village family, as our attendance was steady for the month of July. This is typically a very slow month due to family vacations. This year, attendance only fell about 6 people below average. We normally see 10 to 12 Villagers out during July.
I appreciate the feedback that we have gotten regarding the recent day program schedule implementation. The Villagers have settled in and seem to be having a great time. A big shout out to Jessica and the entire Day Hab. staff for their hard work with this implementation. What an accomplishment! I am so proud of each of you.
Stoney Glen also continues to do well.  Our respite program has taken off, and I would like to thank all of you for taking advantage of this service.  Vince and his entire staff have done a great job in handling the schedule and care of residents as well as our continued respite users.  A big shout out to Stoney Glen!
As for our finance update: Overall in June, we achieved 99% of our budgeted revenue income. Unfortunately for us, our fuel cost, electricity, and mid-year staff training expenses were up. Electricity increased because of the summer heat, fuel cost increased because of the increase in outings, and staff training increased in order to make sure our staff credentials were current.
Our Thrift Store is still struggling to meet budget targets especially as it pertains to revenue.  As you get ready for the start of school, I would appreciate it if you would consider shopping at the Thrift Store! I hear there is a discount for any local teachers. Also, tell all your friends and family about our Village Thrift Store.
Now for a bit of bad news. I am sad to announce that for families using our transportation services, there will be a cost increase. The increase letter information will come later this month with an expected change slated for October 1, 2018. A letter will be sent individually to all families in the coming days. I want to assure you that this was a last resort. I felt I had no other option.
I am so looking forward to this year’s Talent Show on August 16th. We'll have a full house this year, with 16 acts performing - 8 in the Special Needs category and 8 in General Public.  This is a very fun and rewarding family event, so please get your tickets now.  Trust me, you do want to be the one saying “I wish I had been there.” So please come out, and bring a friend, as you will not be disappointed.  Please contact our Development Manager Erica Badamo ( for more details.  
Remember to continue to check in with us via for updated needs and happenings.
Thanks for all you do!

Operations Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Operations Manager
The Day Program has had many changes and the clients have adapted to the changes very well. I would like to thank parents and guardians for their support as we move forward making every attempt to provide educational and vocational opportunities for the clients.
We did have to make 2 minor changes to the weekly schedule. Please see the attached revision.
I would like to praise the clients for how well they have all participated at The Thrift Store. Many of the clients have started choosing their favorite tasks. Clients have the opportunity to learn folding, sorting, hanging clothes, pricing and putting items on the shelves, greeting customers, and even working the cash register. Both staff and customers have been extremely proud of their progress.
This month in Health, the clients will be learning about the Cardiovascular System. We have fun projects for science exploration as well with Jumping colors, Sink & Float, Magnets, Apple Volcanos, and Walking Water.
We are moving right along with Job training. This month Achieve will be learning about budgeting. Grow will be focused on Interviewing, Volume Control, and Applications.
Please encourage your client to talk to you about the activities they participated in.  
Thank you for all of your feedback.

A Note from Human Resources 
By Karmen Earnheart, Director of Human Resources
Please welcome our New Hires for July 2018
Jasmin Lyons 
Keita Smithers
Congratulations to Employees with over 5 Year Work Anniversary
Latonya Boyd
Seth Fitzgerald
Ronald Gandy
Gail Harney
Katina Powell
Donna Prieto
Beverly Wells
Development's Developments 
By Erica Badamo, Development Manager
Happy August!
For the Development Department, that means the Village’s Lake Houston’s Got Talent Show! Have you purchased your tickets yet? If not, please follow this link to reserve your spot!
The Talent Show Committee has chosen the final 16 contestants that will be performing on August 16th, and we are so excited to bring our community another AMAZING show!
Here's a little sneak peek into the night: Doors will open at 5:00 PM to feature opening entertainment by Villager Shane Hetherington, with passed hors d’evours by A Grand Affair. The always entertaining Master of Ceremonies Mark Linabury will take the stage and introduce the first act at 6:00 PM. The audience can sit back and enjoy amazing dancers, beautiful singers, hilarious magicians, a delicious dessert auction, and more! It is a family-friendly event that you won’t want to miss!
New this year- we’ve had a few very generous donors in our community sponsor tables just for Villagers and their families to attend! If you are interested in a complimentary seat at the show, please email These seats are first come, first served. If you would like to ensure a seat at the Talent Show, please visit our website to purchase tickets!
We are looking forward to an amazing event, and hope you will be able to attend! If you have any questions regarding the show, please contact
Achieving Success! 
By Christina Whaley, Vocational Coordinator
In July, we introduced a new Vocational class. Twice a month, we will set up a mock restaurant in the gym in the Multi-Purpose Center. During this lesson, we have Villagers learn to be servers, waiters, bussers, and food preppers.  
The Villagers not only learn job skills during this process, but also practice social skills, indoor voices, and table manners. The Villagers are loving it!

Stoney's Stories 
By Jennifer Powell, Assistant Residential Manager
What a fantastic month July was for our Stoney Glen Family! We had a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation!
We started our month with a low key 4th of July celebration. We all dressed in our most festive clothing and enjoyed a rainy day with friends, music, and Vince’s fabulous jambalaya!
Our Stoney Glen bowlers practiced extra hard this month on Wednesdays as they prepare for their next competition in Baytown.
Thanks to Judy & David Justus, Stoney Glen hosted a Luau for our clients and their families!  The turnout was almost as amazing as all different food choices and the games that were played!  Everyone had a blast playing in the sun and relaxing on the patio after dinner.
The next exciting adventure for Stoney Glen clients was split into 2 fun-filled days!  First they got to visit with foxy Diesel, the Dynamo mascot, and kick some soccer balls around.  Part 2 was a trip to a Dynamo game downtown where some of them participated in a relay race during halftime!!  Congratulations to all that got to participate and a special thank you to those involved in making this happen!  
As always, I want to thank Pastor Mark Renn from First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood for having church volunteers who so generously donate their time every Tuesday. They have supper with us then have a Bible study led by Mrs. Dorene Breach. She has a way of making learning fun and the guys seem to thoroughly enjoy it and her. Stoney Glen is now full, residents are all happy, and life is good.
Medical Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Medical Nurse
Yearly physicals and yearly nursing assessments are going to be sent home this month for those who are due for the next cycle. The dead line for these to be turned in will be September 30th.
Clients who are private must still provide a yearly signed-physician physical per The Village Policy. I am making the effort with filling out the forms as much as possible to help out. The physician always has the ability to change the form to keep it current. Please have those turned in as soon as possible.
Please continue to send an extra set of clothing and personal items for the clients. Please label either the inside of the clothing or bag. We encourage Villagers to bring water bottles daily. 
Please let me know if I can be of any help or support.
The Village’s VIP (“Very Important Parents”) Network is for parents, caregivers and guardians. Our mission is to enhance communication between parents and The Village. We also support The Village’s fundraising/social events for our Villagers held outside of day center hours.
Meetings will resume after summer!
The Special Olympics Lake Houston Hurricanes website is another great way to find more activities for your family. Follow this link to see what's coming up!
 Kingwood Special Needs E-Group
Anyone wanting to get information on special needs activities  should sign up for the Kingwood_Special_Needs E-group by visiting
 or by contacting Kathie Gentry at

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