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September 2018
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Straight from the Top 
By Marcus Denman, Executive Director
Is it Fall yet?  This Texas heat is torture!
I want to begin by shouting out to the staff here at The Village. Thank you for the countless and selfless time you put in day in and day out. I know at times, because of the day-to-day issues that arise, we fail to give you the overwhelming
acknowledgement you deserve.  So please blame my mind, and not my heart, as each and every one of you are truly appreciated.
The first part of 2018 was a trying time to say the least.  As a community, we are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  As for The Village specifically, the financially impact of  not being able to host our largest fundraiser (the Gala) last year has impacted our ability to do things at the level of expectations this year, or at minimum, how they were done in past years.  
With that being said, we are over halfway through the year and we are stronger than ever. How is that possible?
We have an outline for a successful day program. Our attendance this summer was higher than last year.  We have managed to take our individuals on field trips to the water plant, the Children’s Museum, and Soccer events (thanks to Halliburton and the Dynamos). Not to mention, we have a dynamic respite program at Stoney Glen that is thriving with affordable rates. I know that there are more, but my point is sometimes we get caught up in the negative and we forget about the positives. This is by no means my way of saying we have reached our potential, because we have not. What I am saying is that together we are changing the way our Villagers experience things in life. It is a small reminder of what we can do if we continue to work together in spite of the negative barriers of Hurricane Harvey and financial limitations.
Financially, we have achieved 99% of our budgeted revenue (good) and our net income loss is lower than we projected as well.  As a result, I am concerned about the net loss, but encouraged by projections on how 2018 will end if we are able to hit our targets.
How can you help, you ask?  I am glad you asked. First, continue to send your loved ones daily. Volunteer your time as much as you are able. If you do not have time to offer us, then a connection to additional outings or sponsorship for an outing would be appreciated. Also, consider shopping and supporting our thrift store with your donations. Lastly, financial donations are always welcome and signing up to be a sustainer donor is appreciated.
Finally, SAVE THIS DATE  - November 10, 2018 - for the 2018 Gala! This year our Gala will be a must see.  Come out and help us honor our founder, Kim Brusatori.  Kim has impacted all of our lives in one way or the other. But most of all, think of how her vision and creation has impacted our loved ones at The Village.  I hope you will take the time to come out and help us shower her with love. If you are able to attend, or want to volunteer, contact our Development Director, Anne Marie Blacketer at for more details. 
Remember to continue to check in with us via for updated needs and happenings.
And Stay Cool!
Operations Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Operations Manager
The Village continues to be so very proud of the clients we serve. They are continuing to adjust very well to the new activities. Staff are always observing and noting ways to improve and make every attempt to continue providing meaningful opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Achieve.
With this in mind, we are making some adjustments to the daily schedule. You will find the color scheme had changed. Our hope was to improve the recognition of activity locations for less confusion. We have decreased the amount of times the clients will transition daily. These transitions include the Thrift Store, Bowling, and outings. Each class will have one transition daily.
What to expect with classes this month!
Health and Recreation are now separated. The clients have really embraced learning about their bodies. We will now enter the world of the lungs and respiratory system. Recreation will be learning different kinds of exercises that support the parts of the body we identify in Health. In science experiments, this month will further support what the clients have learned in Health. Clients will participate in hands on experiments of how the lungs work. We are so excited!  
We are introducing cooking back to our life skills class. Please refer to the Restaurant week schedule for this. During the time your client’s class is in life skills, they will be learning all aspects of cleaning, prepping, cooking, and preparing food. This is a great foundation of learning in support of Restaurant. We are continuing to include all of Learn, Grow, and Achieve during this time. The clients are engaging, interacting, and learning all together.
We will also be introducing Word Boxes with Literacy for our Learn and Grow clients. Achieve will have Literacy class. Our goal is to provide opportunity for the clients to improve and use their skills of word recognition and/or reading. We will also have group discussions about what those words or reading passages mean to us.
Fun with bats is now in full swing. The materials have been received - donated and supported by The Astros Foundation. On the schedule “Fun with Bats” will be the time the clients are learning the fundamentals of baseball. “Baseball Games” are the days we will actual simulate baseball games. We will hold these games outside more once it cools off.
Thank you so much for choosing The Village to serve your clients. Please continue to contact me anytime.
Development's Developments 
By Erica Badamo, Development Manager
Greetings Friends and Family!
The Talent Show was a raging success! Thank you so much to all who supported, volunteered, or came to enjoy! It was a record-breaking year, including a very successful new campaign that raised $7,000 toward the Transportation Program.
The talent this year was amazing! We saw a lot of new faces and a few familiar faces. The winners are as follows:
Special Needs:
1st Place- Andrew Shepherd
2nd Place- William Stackhouse
3rd Place- CoCo Bell
General Public:
1st Place- The Rad Crew
2nd Place- Paisley Brown
3rd Place- Lily Heinze
Congratulations to all of our winners! We are SO proud of ALL the Villagers who auditioned and performed on stage at the show. It certainly takes a lot of courage to do so, and they all did awesome!
The Talent Show is not only a great event to bring your family, but it is also a heartwarming event that invites our wonderful community to join as we promote inclusion while showcasing our talents. If you missed it this year, you will want to make sure to attend in 2019!
The Development Department is looking forward to a fantastic gala this year. We will be honoring our Founder, Kim Brusatori. There are many ways to support this event: volunteering, sponsoring a table, or purchasing tickets are all ways for you to get involved!
The gala will be held on Saturday, November 10th at the Hotel ZaZa in Houston. For more information visit or contact Anne Marie Blacketer-
As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding fundraising, or events, please contact us!
Stoney's Stories 
By Jennifer Powell, Assistant Residential Manager
Stoney Glen had an amazing August!  It was full of fun and exciting events!
Our August started with a fun-filled birthday party for Scott! Clients feasted on cake and ice cream following their dinner and were excited watching Scott open all his gifts!
In the following week, Stoney Glen hosted a wonderful Open House! Vendors, clients, their family, and members of the community spent the morning getting to know all about the facility and each other in a warm, friendly environment and partaking in a wonderful array of foods. Many thanks to Erica and Anne Marie for pulling everything together and to everyone who attended!
Following the Open House, clients enjoyed their monthly bingo function with the NCL group. Clients look forward to this event all month! They love their bingo, the volunteers from NCL, and of course those prizes!!
A Thursday night outing to the Nathaniel Center a few weeks later for the annual Talent Show was a huge treat!  The clients had a blast watching all the performers and cheering on their housemate, Scott, who performed a comedy act!  
Our Stoney Glen bowlers practiced extra hard again this month on Wednesdays as they prepare for their next competition in Baytown.
We ended the month with a water day like no other! Clients had their choice of water guns, water cannons, or over 200 water balloons! Most of them stuck to the rules, but a few went rogue and used not only empty buckets but also grabbed the water hose during the event! Everyone was soaked head to toe and worn out by the hour’s end, but the smiles on their faces made it clear it was an event worth repeating!
As always, I want to thank Pastor Mark Renn from First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood for having church volunteers who so generously donate their time every Tuesday. They have supper with us then have a Bible study led by Mrs. Dorene Breach. She has a way of making learning fun and the guys seem to thoroughly enjoy it and her. Stoney Glen is now full, residents are all happy, and life is good.

Sock Hop Time! 
Mark your calendars!  The Village Learning Center will be sponsoring their Annual Sock Hop on Friday, Sept. 28, from 6:30-8:30pm, at the Kingwood Community Center, 4102 Rustic Woods Dr.  It is always a great party!   
Light refreshments will be served.  There is no charge. 
Parents & Caregivers are welcome to stay for the dance.  No RSVP is required.  
Parents wishing to contribute food items can email
The Village’s VIP (“Very Important Parents”) Network is for parents, caregivers and guardians. Our mission is to enhance communication between parents and The Village. We also support The Village’s fundraising/social events for our Villagers held outside of day center hours.
Our first VIP Meeting after summer break will be on Monday, September 17, at Carrabba’s from 11:30 am to 1 PM. To RSVP to allow for proper seating, email me at
On the agenda …  The Village will be sponsoring a dance at the Kingwood Community Center on Friday, September 28. It will be a sock hop. We would love your input in organizing this fun event!  
Our parent group is hoping to have a meeting about waiver programs to be held this fall.  I wrote about this in our June newsletter, but it bears repeating. Many of us have had challenges with waiver programs when a change happens, such as your Villager transitioning from SSI to Social Security. These types of changes will affect your Villager. If you have ever had to sit in front of someone at the Social Security or Medicaid office, you will find special needs issues are not what they deal with every day. Often you will get wrong information unless you are proactive. Take it from someone who knows! It happened to me and others I know! You can be a much better advocate if you know beforehand how the rules will affect your Villager.     
Mark your calendar now for future VIP meetings:  Monday, October 8, 2018 and November 12, 2018. We will not meet in December.  I will announce 2019 meetings in a later newsletter.
Dixie Frantz
Facilitator, VIP Network

The Special Olympics Lake Houston Hurricanes website is another great way to find more activities for your family. Follow this link to see what's coming up!
 Kingwood Special Needs E-Group
Anyone wanting to get information on special needs activities  should sign up for the Kingwood_Special_Needs E-group by visiting
 or by contacting Kathie Gentry at

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