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October 2018
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Straight from the Top 
By Marcus Denman, Executive Director
Welcome the Fall temperatures!!!
Well Village family, it is about that time of the year. GALA 2018! We have an added bonus this year as we gather to say “Thank You” to the lady who had the courage to plan and create a safe place for our children/loved ones, Kim Brusatori.
We have created a way for you to offer words of gratitude and say “thank you” in a visual manner by sharing your thoughts in a tribute book.  Please see Anne Marie's article below for more information on how to participate.
Now for your Village News!
August was a pretty good month for the Village.  As it pertains to income for the day program and Stoney Glen, we ended up better than budgeted.  Thank you to our parents/guardians/caregivers for ensuring that your loved ones attended the day program as scheduled. Because of your commitment, our staff was able to put together fun and enjoyable activities for our Villagers. 
As for Stoney Glen, I am happy that many of you have decided to take advantage of our respite program. The feedback from the families has been great, and the staff at Stoney Glen have done an excellent job ensuring their stay is fun and enjoyable. This has led to many returning for respite. 
However, there are still a few open dates available, so sign up today!
Although we did not end the month on a positive note (positive net income), we continue to trend upwards.
By now, all families receiving transportation services have been notified of the change in transportation cost. I have heard from a few of you who have expressed their understanding and support of the price increase. As I have stated in previous communications, this was a last resort. I thank each of you for your continued support.
I am pleased to announce that the Village has again received a grant from the HCDE (Harris County Department of Education) to help fund our After-School Care Program for anyone 16 and up. This grant goes into effect October 8, 2018. The grant will allow those individuals still in school to experience the fun services of our After-School Care Program. Please help me spread the word of this great opportunity of service for our community. This grant allows the Village to stay true to its purpose and commitment to serving the WHOLE COMMUNITY.    
Remember to continue to check in with us via for updated needs and happenings.
See you at the GALA!
Learn Villagers enjoy some "Fun with Bats" time thanks to the Astros Foundation!
Operations Update 
By Jessica Bankston, Operations Manager
We have an exciting October coming up! As usual, the schedule has been updated and posted on the website. Thank you all for your support as we continue to make every attempt to improve the program as a whole and provide those meaningful opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Achieve!! All of your feedback has been greatly appreciated.
If you have not heard from your client yet, we have had a few changes toward the end of last month. The Life Skills room has been moved to where the Art room was. The Art room has been moved where production was. We would also like to welcome Erin Malerba back to The Village as the Art instructor. The clients are very excited to have her back and let the endless creativity flourish once again.
We are diving right in to reading in Literacy class. Please ask your client what book(s) they are reading. We have also reached out to Scholastic readers to see about a book fair this month. We will keep you updated.  In health, we will focus on digestion this month. Although we have moved on from heart health, the clients are still walking after eating. This walking also supports digestion and how one system links/supports the others. During life skills we will be learning how to set a table, cooking, and serving a nutritious snack. We will also continue with telling time, counting money, and math calculations. We are hoping we can begin venturing out more as it is cooling down. The clients have learned many fundamentals about baseball. They are looking forward to when the weather is permitting to play games outside.
We are on a steady growing pace especially on bowling days. Unfortunately, we are maxed on the days we are able to attend Main Event. As usual, we will adjust accordingly so the clients are provided the opportunity to enjoy their bowling time. Starting October 3rd, Achieve classes will leave for bowling at 11:45am. This will allow them to arrive promptly at 12:00pm, get set up, and enjoy their full time for bowling. They will return at normal time around 1:50-2:00pm. We ask parents to contact the client’s therapist of this change and so they may adjust accordingly.
We are excited to announce our Achieve clients are moving up in Volunteer Opportunities. As they are progressing in their vocational skills, we are having to find more challenging opportunities. We will begin volunteer opportunities at the Houston Food Bank and the Houston SPCA. If your client has expressed interest in attending either one of these facilities, the program coordinator will be contacting you soon. As Achieve is moving up, so is Grow. Grow clients will now have the opportunity to volunteer at Chili’s on Monday mornings. A Program Coordinator will be reaching out to the parents of those who have expressed interest in attending. Parents speak to your clients about this. These are great opportunities for them to venture out into the community.
Restaurant has advanced the program in not just the learning aspect but the socialization. After many requests from the Achieve clients, we are proud to announce The Village has started a mentor program. 6 Achieve clients will visit designated Learn and Grow classes throughout the week. During this time they will be interacting and assisting Learn and Grow clients with activities. For clarification purposes, The Village class instructors will always be present and as usual clients will not be left in the room alone; clients will also not be responsible for other client’s hygiene or behavior management.
Every day is a pleasure to be a part of The Village team and program. Thank you parents, guardians, and caretakers for all you do as well. Please continue to let us know how we are doing and how we can continue to improve.
Thank you
Jessica Bankston LVN
Director of Operations

Development's Developments 
By Anne Marie Blacketer, Director of Development
Happy Fall, Y’all!
This means we are into the fourth quarter and final stretch of our fundraising year. Next month, we “Celebrate Success” and Honor the Life Work of Kim Brusatori.  We hope you will consider joining us in sharing our gratitude for Kim and her heartwork building and sustaining The Village at Hotel Zaza on November 10th. 
In addition, we are keeping an eye toward her vision for our future, where you play an integral part in our Village’s success.  Look for the Secure our Future Campaign opportunity coming up through the end of the year.  It is a great chance to have an impact on the future of The Village!
Below is a link to support the Gala, as well as an opportunity to share your tribute to Kim in this year’s keepsake Gala Tribute Book.
Support the Gala –
Provide a Tribute –
Your support is valuable to The Village, in every form!  Volunteers in service, supporters of Villager Birthdays and celebrations, as well as monthly sustainers and individual donors.  EACH of you makes our Village a success – and we thank you!  If you are not a monthly sustainer, we hope you will consider joining these donors with a gift each month at any level.  After all, “It Takes a Village”…
Become a Monthly Sustainer
Yours in service and gratitude,
Anne Marie Blacketer
Director of Development
Stoney's Stories 
By Jennifer Powell, Assistant Residential Manager
September was just super here at Stoney Glen!  We had quite a few fun-filled events for our residents and made a ton of great memories!
Our September started with a super fun birthday party for Chris P.  Residents had a great time eating dinner and cake with Chris, singing Happy Birthday to him, and watching him open all his wonderful presents!  
We followed up the birthday fun with a trip to an Astros game!  Special thanks to Keith Boxx for providing the entire house with tickets and refreshments.  It was definitely a night they talked about for days!
Next the residents enjoyed a night out with dinner and a movie!  Thank you Kim Brusatori for the donation that made the night out possible!!  The residents had a blast!!
We ended September dancing the night away at a Sock Hop!  It was a pretty packed house with fun music and lovely refreshments!  The d.j. had the residents moving and grooving until the party was over!
As always, I want to thank Pastor Mark Renn from First Presbyterian Church of Kingwood for having church volunteers who so generously donate their time every Tuesday. They have supper with us then have a Bible study led by Mrs. Dorene Breach. She has a way of making learning fun and the guys seem to thoroughly enjoy it and her. Stoney Glen is now full, residents are all happy, and life is good.  

The Village’s VIP (“Very Important Parents”) Network is for parents, caregivers and guardians. Our mission is to enhance communication between parents and The Village. We also support The Village’s fundraising/social events for our Villagers held outside of day center hours.
Our first VIP Meeting after summer break was held September 17, at Carrabba’s. There were six of us in attendance. On the agenda was supporting The Village with their 50’s sock hop dance at the Kingwood Community Center on Friday, September 28. Parents in attendance assisted Karen Wells with organizing the event. We talked about food donations, setting up, decorations and volunteering. It is always amazing to me how just a few parents can help make an event happen.
If you and your loved one attended the event at the Kingwood Community Center, you already know the sock hop dance was a huge success! Thanks to The Village for sponsoring this fun event and thanks to the VIP Parents for donating food and your time! There were about 100 in attendance at the dance! The music was fantastic and the food plentiful!
As there was a recent community event regarding waiver programs, we will not be sponsoring a waiver program event. If anyone attended, please send me an email about what you learned at!    
Mark your calendar now for the next VIP meeting:  Monday, November 12, 2018. We will not meet in December. I will announce 2019 meetings in November’s Village Newsletter.
Dixie Frantz
Facilitator, VIP Network
The Special Olympics Lake Houston Hurricanes website is another great way to find more activities for your family. Follow this link to see what's coming up!
 Kingwood Special Needs E-Group
Anyone wanting to get information on special needs activities  should sign up for the Kingwood_Special_Needs E-group by visiting
 or by contacting Kathie Gentry at

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