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A note from our CEO 

I have been representing St Bart’s on the Homelessness Taskforce, which is reporting to the Department of Communities as it develops its response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Department of Communities is considering the suitability of specific sites as emergency accommodation for people experiencing homelessness, and to enable people to isolate. This has been a critical request of the sector, which we hope to receive an update on in the near future.

St Bart’s has already reconfigured its existing service accommodation to free up eight beds to support our consumers who need to self-isolate. We have been able to support our consumers who returned from the eastern states to be able to isolate, rather than potentially expose other consumers by returning to their usual St Bart’s accommodation which has shared facilities.

I would like to personally thank our supporters who continue to generously offer donated food and other items, and to our fabulous volunteers who are keeping in touch and patiently awaiting a return to business as usual. 

Please keep an eye out for our upcoming appeal, which will help us provide those special touches and additional supports to our consumers that our limited funding for service delivery does not cover. Your generosity is always welcome. 

From all of us at St Bart’s - thanks for your support, and stay safe.

Samantha Drury
St Bart's CEO

New take on old traditions

From home deliveries to new meal providers, our team is proving that not even a global pandemic can stand in the way of fond traditions at St Bart’s accommodation sites. Our services have fast adapted to ensure minimal disruption to the simple pleasures that our residents have come to enjoy. 

• Swapping its social Friday BBQ’s for an Uber Eats-style service, Swan Community Recovery Village is now delivering Friday’s lunch of sausages, homemade potato salad and rolls direct to our residents’ doors.         

• Amanda, our James Watson Aged Care Centre social support assistant, has had her arms full (literally) since she took on the task of shopping for residents so that they can comply with social isolation and minimise their risk of going out into the community.  

• Our Home Care team has engaged The Good Meal Company to assist with providing weekly deliveries of pre-prepared frozen meals for clients who wish to place an order. 

• Every Easter, Arnott Community Recovery Village staff and consumers share hot cross buns in the staff office on Good Friday. Due to current guidelines, this year staff heated the hot cross buns up and delivered them fresh and buttered to each unit to keep a little piece of the tradition alive.  

• Anzac Day holds a special place in our hearts at St Bart’s, particularly for the veterans we assist in our aged care service. While this year we are unable to hold our usual service and sausage sizzle to honour those who have served our country, all of our Lime Street residents will be treated to a performance of the Last Post by a professional bugler outside the building. Our James Watson Aged Care Centre will be showing the dawn service on TV for residents in the dining area and assisting others to watch it on the TV in their rooms. There’ll also be a catered morning and afternoon tea complete with Anzac biscuits – with soft options in Anzac biscuit flavour, before residents settle in to watch “War Horse”.  

While we look forward to the day we can all socialise as normal, we’re extremely grateful for the creativity of our staff members who are always finding ways to bring a little joy to our consumers. 

Easter treats to brighten the spirits

Just before Easter we were lucky enough to have the support of Kmart (Kardinya), which provided a discount and packaged up hundreds of eggs for us! 

Our Community Housing resident Aaron, and one of our regular volunteers, Gillian, then got to work organising the treats for those in St Bart’s services. 

Asked why he volunteered, Aaron said: "I like helping and giving something back. I was homeless for a week until my mum helped get me into St Bart's." Aaron also said Easter can be a lonely time for some people, and that chocolate is always a good thing for people's hearts. 

We couldn't agree more! 

Community generosity

Acts of kindness are everywhere, and it’s heart-warming to hear that people are thinking about St Bart’s consumers as we all work our way through COVID-19.  

Recently, Future Homes received a donation of 40 free meals from The Alexander Bar & Bistro, crates of delicious avocados, meat packs and fresh vegetables from Wungening Aboriginal Corporation, and some warm and woolly socks from a local supermarket sales rep.  

Manna Inc also provided food donations to our Reconnecting Lives consumers, and while toilet paper scarcity rolls on (pun intended!), we were delighted to receive a donation from Quilton.  

We had a wonderful farmer who supplied excess mushroom soup, and a generous woman who dropped off fruit and veg to one of our mental health services. And with Anzac Day just around the corner, we were very grateful to receive $100 worth of Anzac biscuits from Woolworths to gift our residents.

From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank you to our wonderful St Bart’s community! 

Teresa pays it forward

Meet the lovely Teresa, who joined us at St Bart's six months ago as her mental health began to decline. "I've made friends here and it's a really positive environment."

Having previously studied art at TAFE and completing her masters at university, Teresa is now helping other residents at the Village by running a weekly art workshop!

In the news

If you didn’t catch the latest Eastern Reporter, you would have missed not one but two St Bart’s mentions on page 4! 

Click on the link here to see a piece on our Easter egg run for our residents, and our comments in the article above it about how we are adapting to the new COVID-19 guidelines and the effect it has had on the people we support. 

Daring to see the face of the other

by Chaplain Ross Jones

People who have experienced the tragedy of being without their accommodation feel the sense of being invisible, of being a non-person.  

We have all seen it or done it ourselves. Been aware of someone seeking a handout and choosing not to see them. Spiritual writer Henri Nouwen raised this with a penetrating question: “Why is it that we keep giving dimes without daring to look into the face of the beggar?"  

Continue reading

A fresh start

After five years with St Bart’s, we were delighted that Arnott Community Recovery Village resident Bradley was confident to move on from our services last week and re-establish his place back in the community. Throughout his time with St Bart’s, Bradley improved his diet and exercise regime to help with his type 2 diabetes diagnosis, learned how to negotiate and work with his housemate to maintain their home, and has become a strong advocate for himself and his rights. 

“My experience at St Bart’s was a comfortable process of learning to achieve goals and complete them as much as possible,” Bradley said. 

Making many friends during his time here, he says he will be returning to visit.  

Team shout out

Here are a few of the legends in our healthcare team who are working tirelessly to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our aged care residents remain uncompromised at this unprecedented time.

From all of us at St Bart's, we thank you!

Fundraising update

With so much happening in the world right now, it’s so easy to see things from a perspective of concern and fear. But, with adversity there is also hope. 

At St Bart’s, we are the hope to the consumers who need our services, who need our help to get through an ordinary day - whether it is in the middle of a pandemic or not. For us, it’s busy as usual; each day we connect with our consumers, support them when they need help, and provide them with accommodation and safety.  

You can also make a difference in their lives by giving a donation to St Bart’s so that we can continue to provide support to some of our community’s most vulnerable people. Every dollar does and will make a difference. Will you donate the money you would spend for a cup of coffee every day for a month and help us to keep out doors open to people in need? We need your help today.

With your donation we can work towards ensuring no more West Australians experience homelessness during these uncertain times.  
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St Bart's is hiring!

Know someone who is a perfect fit for St Bart’s? We currently have a range of support worker opportunities across our mental health, aged care and home care services, as well as registered nurse and enrolled nurse opportunities for aged care. 

Volunteer Coordinator
We are looking for someone who is passionate about coordinating our very important volunteer program at St Bart’s – the person we want to employ needs to be great at managing teams of people and have experience in event management. St Bart’s is focused on growing its volunteer program so that it can provide more support to the people it assists - those at risk of, or experiencing homelessness, or people who have mental health issues or experienced other trauma.

To register your interest, please send your resume to

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