August 2018
Wetland Education and Awareness Programs Continuing at the CVWMA
The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) has been going through a transition over the last several months as the Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society (KCDCS) has now officially taken over the delivery of Wetland Education and Awareness programs previously offered through CVWMA.
Carla Ahern, the new Discovery Centre Senior Manager for KCDCS (as of April 1st, 2018) has been instrumental in facilitating the launch of KCDCS’s operations, located at the parking lot of CVWMA's old Interpretation Centre.   Carla and four seasonal naturalists have been operating the Discovery Centre and offering educational programs and tours since the beginning of May. Contact information and hours of operation are available on KCDCS’s website ( and Facebook page.
Financial support from Columbia Basin Trust and CVWMA, as well as other sponsors, has been critical in helping KCDCS build a temporary facility that is enabling the Wetland Education and Awareness programs to continue to serve both the public and the schools in our region.  As the programs are being delivered, KCDCS is pursuing plans to develop more permanent facilities.
KCDCS and CVWMA are two distinct entities and funding for each organization is independent. The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area remains a non-profit organization with federal charitable status and is still receiving donations to support the wetland, habitat and wildlife managment activities.  We always greatly appreciate your continued support for this amazing wetland in the way of tax-deductible donations.
Duck Lake Dike Closed
As per Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development approval of the Motorized Access Restrictions on the CVWMA at the south dike of Duck Lake, a new gate has been installed. This closure will be in place from August 15th thru October 15, and again in the spring from March 15 to April 30th. The new regulation addressing this closure can be viewed in the 2018-2020 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis, MU 4-6, page 48. Please contact your regional office with any questions.
Cranbrook: 250-489-8540
Nelson: 250-354-6333
Pedestrian and bicycle traffic is still welcome on the dyke during the motorized vehicle restriction, however, please be alert and careful to allow Northern Leopard Frogs to migrate safely across the dike.
Selkirk College's Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program students visit CVWMA
As part of their field school activities, Selkirk College’s Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Program students visited the CVWMA again this year, on April 23-24th. Over 25 students, enrolled in the program at Selkirk College in Castlegar, worked on activities that contribute to enhancing their practical skills and knowledge of wildlife and habitat management. Students were also informally lectured about a variety of topics that relate to wetland conservation and management.
Students helped prepare western painted turtle nesting pads for the “nesting season” by removing weeds and softening the substrate through raking.
They also cleaned and repaired several kilometers of “drift-fencing” that is used to prevent turtles from going onto the road and getting killed.
The students had a chance to conduct an emergence count at CVWMA’s bat condo southwest of Duck Lake, as well as visiting the Double-crested Cormorant and Great Blue Heron Rookery near Leach Lake. Their work and enthusiasm is always welcomed at CVWMA!
Administration Building Hours
Monday to Friday
9 am to 4 pm
(closed from 12-1)
The Administration Office is open year round.  Please feel free to call us at (250) 402 6900
The CVWMA Trails are Open Year Round

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