November 2019
Lovely third week of November 2019!  Aside from a couple of very rainy days recently the weather has been amazing for this late in the year.  Frost on the car windows yesterday morning before work but the temperature moderated into a cool, but beautiful, sunshiny day.
In this eNews, I'm sharing a post and photos about the Trumpeter Swans, by Julia Shewan, our Conservation Programs Assistant.  
Pamela Sabo
Administrative Assistant to the Head of Conservation Programs
"Swan-tastic" Year for Swans at CVWMA!
It was a great year for Trumpeter Swans at the CVWMA this year. To begin with, we recorded two pairs with broods this year; one pair with five young in Leach Lake and one pair with six young in Six Mile Slough. Staff were completing regular surveys there and saw the family of eight on multiple occasions. The last sighting was in early November when we saw them fly off on their southward migration! The only other record of breeding Trumpeter Swans on the CVWMA was back in 2017.
Another interesting observation was a “banded” Trumpeter Swan that showed up in Six Mile Slough in the spring and in the fall of 2019. We reported this banded bird, number 7@7, and found out it was a three-year old male who had been banded last winter in Oregon.  We had a chance to see this fellow several times on our fall surveys in Six Mile Slough and he seems pretty attached with another swan – must be his handsome green collar and leggings! 
If you happen to see a banded bird out on your travels, you can submit your observations to the Bird Banding Laboratory at  or
to get information about where the bird was banded. Reporting banded birds helps various organizations understand where birds go at certain times of the year, which can then be used for conservation efforts for the species.
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