September 2018
Fall has arrived!
It was a busy summer for the CVWMA with many visitors to the area. Tourists, hikers, bikers, and various researchers are just a few of the folks who have spent time on the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area so far this year.  The Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre, in it's first year of operation, has welcomed many visitors and school children and has been enthusiasticallhy supported.  
Although we've had some really nice weather most days this week, the chilly evening and early morning temperatures are reminding us that we are already midway through a beautiful fall. Fall colours are beginning to encroach on the rich green shades of the landscape with the promise of stunning vistas to come. The migrating bird species, in particular the American White Pelicans, have been a sight to behold on the ponds and regular sightings of various wildlife is always a treat. 
It's another wonderful season on the Creston Vally Wildlife Management Area!
Pamela Sabo
Administrative Assistant to the Head of Operations
The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is a non-profit organization with federal charitable status and is still receiving donations to support the wetland, habitat and wildlife management activities.  We greatly appreciate your continued support for this amazing wetland in the way of tax-deductible donations.
Pelicans in Corn Creek Marsh
On September 12th, we had the pleasure to view close to 300 American White Pelicans in Corn Creek Marsh, on the pond by the interpretive centre.  It is not unusual to see that many pelicans at one time in the Leach Lake unit, but it certainly was unprecedented for Corn Creek Marsh.  The flock of pelicans was busy foraging and hung around for a week before moving elsewhere.  As of September 25th, there were still a lot of pelicans in the Leach Lake unit, but they will be migrating out of the valley starting in the next few weeks.
Sign Vandalism in Summit Creek Area
There has been a person (or persons) vandalizing signs at the Summit Creek area entrance.  Signs have been ripped off the kiosk several times in the past two months. These signs are put up for public information and safety.  Removing the signs does not change the regulations or the risk of encountering wild animals.  Users are still required to keep their dogs leashed at all times on CVWMA, campfires are still not permitted within CVWMA, and grizzly bears, cougars and moose still use the area.  If you don't like the signs, please come forward with a better solution or simply stay out of the area.
CVWMA staff will be replacing the signs and hoping for a better outcome.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you witness someone tampering with signs within CVWMA.
Regional Invasive Species Organizations Field Tour
On September 12th, CVWMA hosted a leg of the Regional Invasive Species Organization field tour organized by the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society (CKISS).  Nearly two dozen participants from across the province spent time in the wetland discussing invasive species issues that affect the CVWMA and Creston Valley.  Of importance were discussions about the recent arrival of American bullfrogs here in the valley, and on CVWMA, and the difficulties of controlling yellow flag iris in Corn Creek Marsh.
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