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Joy of the Gospel in America
Convocation - Day 1
Dear Friends,
What did the apostles do the day after the Ascension? The story is that they gathered for prayer and discernment to await the gift of the Holy Spirit.

That's what is happening in Orlando at the Convocation of Catholic Leaders - the Joy of the Gospel in America.

Cardinal Dolan welcomed everyone with his characteristic good humor and pointed us to the story of the visitation. He drew from it four key themes - discipleship, unity, joy and mission.

I want to focus on unity. There is such a rich diversity in the wide variety of ministries, movements, and organizations. Are we united?

More or less?

This is a moment when the Church in America to see itself as the Body of Christ and see where we are connected and where we are not.

It will call some of us to purification. Some movements and organizations might be stepping on the role, purpose, even charisma of another movement or organization. The grace of purification, of course, is clarity of purpose and a deep interconnectedness as a vital and irreplaceable member of the Body of Christ.

We ended the day in prayer - praying the rosary with music and sacred images in ten different languages. It was a beautiful moment.

Today we look at the landscape - the place and moment we inhabit as the Body of Christ here in America. This will call for purification as well. How much of the polarization in our society has infected our church?

We need to face these realities. No fear. Jesus is with us in and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Look at all the good the Church has done in America - education, health care, committed and involved citizens, sons and daughters lost defending our country, Catholic Charities and missionaries reaching beyond themselves to others in friendship and peace.

We got this! 
Together in Mission,
Dr. Donald R. McCrabb
Executive Director

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