A Message from our Executive Director
What’s old is new again; we’ve gone retro in rolling out this latest newsletter. Welcome to the new FairField Turning Points! A few of you may remember that “Turning Points” was the name of the Community Mediation Center’s first newsletter back in the 1980s! Our new format - no longer provided to you by printing, folding, and mailing like we did back then - is designed to give you a quick rundown of what the FairField team has been up to, and provide some fun opportunities for you to get involved, learn more about FairField programs, and meet some amazing changemakers in our community. So, retro name - same lasting purpose!
I invite you to please read on and we look forward to seeing you help create a stronger community! -- Timothy J. Ruebke (Tim), Executive Director - FairField Center
´╗┐´╗┐Creating Community
International Festival  Announces Exciting Changes 
The popularity and growth of the annual Harrisonburg International Festival has created some exciting changes for 2018!  Pending final approval from Harrisonburg City Council which is expected in late June, we will be moving the event to the historic district of Harrisonburg, taking advantage of the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in the heart of downtown. 
If your business or organization, or one you know is interested in taking advantage of the promotional opportunities available through one of Harrisonburg’s biggest and most beloved events, please visit our sponsorship page for more details
Cultivating Change
Improving Co-Parenting Skills
Raising a child in different homes can be challenging at times. FairField Center's "Meeting in the Middle" class focuses on co-parenting through separation and divorce. 
Read more about these monthly classes ongoing through December.
Training Mediators 

Five participants joined Fairfield Center Executive Director Tim Ruebke for a three-day Basic Mediation Training class in January. This is an experiential training in the basic principles of negotiation and conflict resolution, the mediation process, communication skills and issues faced by mediators.
Next Mediation TrainingMonday, June 11 – Wednesday June 13, 8:30am - 5:30pm
Facilitating Restorative Justice Programs 
Restorative Justice is a powerful option for repairing the harm done when a crime or wrongdoing has occurred.  FairField Center provides certified Restorative Justice practitioners as a legal alternative to handling these type cases through the court system, as well as coordinates juvenile offender and incarceration exit programs that help offenders understand the web of impact their crime may have had on not only victims, but their own friends and family.
Here’s one story of how powerful Restorative Justice can be in school systems.
Supporting the Changemakers
Two Opportunities to Support FairField This Summer 
Sponsor or participate in the annual Valley 4th Run held by VA Momentum. This Harrisonburg tradition is all about building healthier, more engaged individuals and communities, and this year it will be raising money for The FairField Center! Get out and enjoy this colorful, fun event and do a little good in the process. Details about registration and sponsorship on the VA Momentum website. 
Take the HEAT out of conflict by participating in our SUMMER fundraising campaign.  Watch for details soon!
June 2018
Think of those critical turning points in your life where a beneficial change occurred. How were you able to make the shift? Access to a community of caring and skilled changemakers can help more people successfully turn the corner on difficult situations.
FairField Turning Points is a newsletter about how the FairField Center does just that by:  
Creating Community. 
Cultivating Change.
Supporting the Changemakers. 
Table of Contents
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Peace Plates 
You can support Resolution Virginia member centers by purchasing a “PEACE” license plate, with $15 of your fee going towards this effort. Two versions are available HERE
Who is FairField?
Which FairField staff member is a certified FEMA ADR advisor? 
Find out HERE.

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