A Message from our Executive Director
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller
In a time when a focus on divisiveness and separation seems to dominate so many conversations, events like the Harrisonburg International Festival are a powerful reminder of what can be accomplished when people of all walks of life come together! We are humbled and encouraged by the many ways our community finds to work together to create a better world. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed to this year’s festival. Watch our websites and social media for many more ways to get involved in the coming months and mark your calendar for September 28, 2019!  
-- Timothy J. Ruebke (Tim), Executive Director - FairField Center
´╗┐´╗┐Creating Community
International Festival Recap & Survey 
Thousands turned out for the 21st Annual Harrisonburg International Festival on September 29 and were greeted with sunshine, lots of smiling faces, entertainment for all ages, and more than 100 food, artisan, and business booths to browse.
The move from Hillandale Park to Downtown Harrisonburg provided more space, and with it, the opportunity for increased participation. It was an exhilarating effort by many people to bring this beloved community event to a wider audience. One volunteer described the work and rewards in putting on the festival like this: “My Fitbit says I took 30,778 steps, climbed 10 floors, walked 15.09 miles, and burned 5,249 calories on Saturday! What it doesn't say is the quality of time spent -- which would be immeasurable!” The FairField Center is deeply appreciative of the support and hard work from sponsors and volunteers in making the 2018 event so successful.
The FairField Center is conducting a quick 5-minute survey to gather feedback about the festival in its new downtown location. If you attended or participated, please take a few moments to provide your feedback!  
Cultivating Change
Customized Staff Training for Real Life Situations 
Did you know? The FairField Center can customize a training course to target your company’s specific needs, timeline, budget, and location.
For example, the FairField Center team recently did a customized training for managers and employees of USDA-NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) called: "Navigating the Workplace: Conflict and Self-Care."  One manager described the experience like this:
“Our staff interacts with a wide variety of people every day – from co-workers to potential conservation customers to landowners installing practices – around a wide variety of technical to personal topics. I especially appreciated the training we received from the Fairfield Center on conflict management, having difficult conversations and self-care.  They provided us with some practical tools we can use in everyday life to navigate tricky situations we find ourselves in.”  --Kathy Holm

Could your staff benefit from better tools for managing the situations that come up in the workplace? Visit our website for more information, then call to discuss your customized training needs.  (540) 434-0059
Trainings Coming Up

November 19, 2018 4:00-8:00pm
Meeting in the Middle
Raising a child in different homes can be challenging at times. FairField Center's "Meeting in the Middle" class focuses on co-parenting through separation and divorce. 
December 6 - 7, 2018  (December 6: 8:30 - 5:00, December 7: 8:30 - 12:30)
Circuit Court Family Mediation Training This is an advanced workshop for family mediators focusing on equitable distribution, asset identification, pension, insurance and tax issues at the Circuit Court level.
Supporting the Changemakers
Vine & Fig Spotlight

FairField Center staff took an incredible field trip this week to Harrisonburg's Vine & Fig / NCP Harrisonburg and Blacks Run Forest Farm and got an inspiring introduction from Jonathan McRay to the many ecological and restorative justice projects going on in and around Harrisonburg. Thank you to these organizations for their dedication and insight into these important issues! Learn more in this recent video.  
October 2018
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Who is FairField?
This staff member has personally facilitated 20 Juvenile Victim Impact programs and 15 groups of prison inmates. Who is she?
Find out HERE.
Think of those critical turning points in your life where a beneficial change occurred. How were you able to make the shift? Access to a community of caring and skilled changemakers can help more people successfully turn the corner on difficult situations.
FairField Turning Points is a newsletter about how the FairField Center does just that by:  
Creating Community. 
Cultivating Change.
Supporting the Changemakers. 

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