“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect toward others. “ 
-Dalai Lama
´╗┐´╗┐Creating Community
As we gather this holiday season in the wake of natural disasters on both coasts and Puerto Rico, as well as the ongoing challenges every community faces daily in caring for its citizens, let us always take a moment to reflect not only on what we have to be grateful for, but what we can do to help.
And most of all, SEE THE GOOD. Wondering where it is these days? Have a look at this recent article in the Washington Post about Wally Richardson, a 95-year-old veteran that takes the time to great middle schoolers every day with "Wallyisms." It will remind you that a kind word is never a waste of time. 
Cultivating Change
Why Use Mediation? It has IMPACT. 
Here’s what people are saying about the impact of FairField Center’s mediation services:

“In an unfortunate situation, [the mediators] were calming, professional and seem to really care for a resolution.” -Individual mediation client
“We had a momentary opportunity to settle the case right now - had we waited even another two weeks, it may have been too late, because the 'facts on the ground,' the sunk costs, the running of interest and legal fees, were shifting every day. Because you were able to schedule us so quickly, we were able to arrive at a settlement solution which never could have been accomplished in Court - and everyone walked away satisfied.”  --Business mediation client
“The training was enlightening and raised personal awareness and sensitivity to the complexities of what people in the community face. It trained me to hear what is really being said and how to provide the skills and a roadmap to empower individuals dealing with conflict. It is personally gratifying to be able to help clients “look forward” and navigate to a solution. In my work, it has helped me be more strategic and less judgmental.” -Mediation Training Client

FairField offers the training for individuals and businesses seeking Virginia Supreme Court certification to mediate court cases. All FairField coursework and all trainers are certified by the Virginia Supreme Court. Trainees take short courses (4-20 hours each) and engage in observations and co-mediations in order to qualify for state exams. Trainees must have a bachelor’s degree or obtain a waiver with evidence of relevant work and life experience.
Trainings Coming Up
Know someone who would benefit from mediation services or training?
Visit our website for more information, then call to make an appointment.  
(540) 434-0059
Supporting the Changemakers
FairField in Action

Executive Director Tim Ruebke is finishing up a 30-day stint as a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist assisting relief efforts in North Carolina the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. ADR Specialists are used to implement mediation and other conflict resolution techniques in emergency and disaster-stricken areas. You can read more about ADR Specialists and what they do in times of emergency HERE.
November 2018
Table of Contents
Think of those critical turning points in your life where a beneficial change occurred. How were you able to make the shift? Access to a community of caring and skilled changemakers can help more people successfully turn the corner on difficult situations.
FairField Turning Points is a newsletter about how the FairField Center does just that by:  
Creating Community. 
Cultivating Change.
Supporting the Changemakers. 

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