Getting Ready to Take a Stroll 
Article ImageMatthew C. has a very specific goal: he wants to walk into his next quarterly meeting in April. And once he sets his mind on something, he won't let anything stand in his way. When he shared this with Recreational Therapist Lauren White, they restructured their weekly sessions around strengthening his legs, back, core and even shoulders.
At 29, Matthew has used a wheelchair his entire life due to cerebral palsy. Now, he’s determined to live a life that’s more independent of that chair. So he and Lauren use a medicine ball to build up his arm muscles and endurance with overhead lifts. They push the ball across a table to each other to build up his shoulders, all while leaning forward in the chair to help strengthen on his core. When Lauren introduced these exercises, Matthew used a kickball. He’s since transitioned to a three-pound medicine ball and now one that weighs six pounds. They’ve also increased the number of repetitions. Between sessions, he practices leg marches and kicks from the chair and even standing while resting his arms and elbows on a desk.  
He notes, “I’m happy with everything going on. A lot of people would be very proud of my progress.”
Highlighting Down Syndrome Day
Article ImageOver 40 years ago, Marty received services from Noble. Now, he’s giving back to the organization that helped him as a child.

Five days a week, he delivers lunch for everyone in Noble’s Adult Day Service through Meals on Wheels. After unloading the food containers onto the kitchen counter, he chats with the people in our program, who have become his friends.

On March 21, his volunteer work was featured in a video produced by Down Syndrome Indiana in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Be sure to check it out!
Rockin' It Out with Friends  
Article ImageMusic Therapy is a one-on-one service because of the funding that supports it, but a generous donation from Ingredion is helping us hold more group jam sessions.

The partnership with Ingredion began when Joann Weaver moved to town. As she looked for a full-time job, she began volunteering at Noble in her free time. After being hired by Ingredion, she shared her love of Noble with her new co-workers, who have since volunteered here as well as holding a clothing and supplies drive for us.
This Christmas, our partnership hit a new level when staff collected $2,000 to support Music Therapy, Rec Therapy supplies (like the medicine ball in the top story), an Amazon Echo, a camp scholarship and art supplies.

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