We've Caught the (Indiana) Fever! 
Article ImageShooting a few hoops is one thing. Seeing the Indiana Fever take the court is quite another.
This month, Indiana Fever players Shenise Johnson (#42) and Tiffany Mitchell (#25) visited Noble, courtesy of the Hoosier Lottery. Tiffany and Shenise taught us some basketball drills before challenging us to shooti a few hoops with them. They even produced a promotional video to capture the fun.
The next day, 12 individuals we serve and staff cheered the team on from the Barnes & Thornburg suite. Another 12 had the chance to root them on from the Renaissance Electronic Services suite last Sunday.
Do You Need a 'Ticket to Work'?
Article ImageWe're pleased to announce Noble is now an Employment Network (EN) for Social Security’s Ticket to Work program.
ENs help people who receive Social Security disability benefits prepare for, find or maintain employment. Participation in Ticket to Work is free and voluntary. Everyone ages 18-64 who receives Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits because of their disability may participate in Ticket to Work.
This service offers participants a variety of Work Incentives that provide security and protection of much needed benefits. Most Indiana residents are able to keep their Medicare or Medicaid coverage as they transition to work. For more information, email us, call 833-380-2456, or visit our website.
Those 'First Steps' Are Critical  
Article ImageMonica's pregnancy seemed to be going along just fine, pretty similar to the one she experienced with her son Allen. That is, until her 27th week, when she noticed that her baby didn't seem to be moving. After drinking juice, laying on her left side and gently pushing on her stomach (the usual things that will get a fetus to begin moving), she and her husband headed to the hospital, where a short time later her daughter Brihanny was delivered by c-section. In the NICU, things seemed ok until tests revealed that Brihanny had suffered a signficant intraventricular hemorrhage. That bleeding in the brain led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.
Brihanny spent the next two months in the NICU, and when she came home, Noble's First Steps early intervention was there to help the family get through the next three years. Monica has been using those physical, occupational and speech therapies to learn everything she cand so she can keep working with Brihanny between therapy sessions. Today Brihanny can stand for short periods of time and takes small steps with her gait trainer. While Brihanny's future seemed uncertain at one time, Monica says she now has hope: because of Noble. Click here to learn more about First Steps early intervention or call 317-329-1000.

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