Article ImageEfficiently yet smoothly so he doesn’t rattle the beakers and test tubes, Omar moves from lab to lab. After filling his cart with trays of the glass items, he heads downstairs to run them through a thorough cleaning process. One month into the job at Eli Lilly & Co., his co-workers are thrilled. “He makes my day every day,” says supervisor Glenda Billingsley.

Omar is the first to be hired through the new Noble Corporate Workforce Development partnership with CBRE Facilities Management. CBRE oversees all Lilly subcontractors, including Omar's direct employer, SBM. CBRE Manager for SBM’s contract, Mary Hickman, credits Omar with improving team morale, “It’s important to get the right person because it’s a small team.”

His positive energy is matched by his productivity, cleaning nearly 1,000 pieces per day. “His work ethic impressed us from day one,” noted Glenda. “And he’s quick to say that he’s having fun.”
Joining Forces with Salesforce
Article ImageThis spring, Noble was selected from among local providers to partner with Salesforce and The Arc of San Francisco to help diversify the Indianapolis Salesforce offices. The two have partnered for 15 years in diversifying Salesforce’s headquarters on the west coast. Now they want to replicate that success here.

Henry is Salesforce’s first hire under this new initiative, adding to the others they've hired through Noble's Community Employment service in the last several years. As an Office Ambassador, Henry works throughout the Salesforce tower downtown. As he straightens and tidies all the conference rooms, he also stocks the copy centers on each of the six floors.

“Henry is doing a fantastic job at Salesforce,” notes his supervisor Elliott Touloukian. “We really appreciate his hard work cleaning our conference rooms and making sure our copy centers are full of supplies for our employees.”
Dream Team Bowls Him Over  
Article ImageJohn has always loved bowling, often scoring 140. After seeing how much he enjoyed it, Employment Consultant Bella Fong helped him submit a request to the Noble Dream Team to get outfitted for his favorite sport.
Last week, Dream Team members Elly Johnston and Kathy Lindsey took John to Woodland: “John has his new shoes on, new bag in hand, and has been fitted for his new ball, which will be blue and purple, with a silver swirl and sparkles!” Contact us to learn more about the Dream Team's efforts to realize the dreams of those we serve.

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