Noble Walks Along Path to Parenting
Article ImageBorn 11 weeks premature and addicted to narcotics, RJ needed tubes to help him breathe and get nutrition. That’s when Michele and Joanna Golando received a call, asking if they would consider fostering him. They didn’t know if he would be part of their lives for weeks, months or longer; they only knew that they would do whatever necessary help this tiny baby reach his potential. That included calling First Steps.
Noble Occupational Therapist Laura Jean Page began working with RJ every week in their living room, helping him overcome feeding issues and then with fine motor skills that were delayed by his premature birth. Noble speech therapy helped him learn how to express himself verbally.

In the meantime, the birth parents gave up custody, and Michele and Joanna proudly adopted him. “We went into this knowing that the pain of giving him up would be outweighed by the love that RJ needed to get a good start in life. But now we are a family.”
Journey Toward Job She Loves
Article ImageTrena methodically inspects each test tube after the trays comes out of the sterilization and drying process. With gloved hands, she lifts them up one at a time to check for water spots. Each day she handles hundreds of test tubes.

Trena has been on the job at Eli Lilly for one month, and her co-workers enjoy the quiet dedication she brings to her job. “She has been a great addition to the team,” says supervisor Glenda Billingsley. Trena is a Glass Tech for SBM Management Services, a human resource subcontractor that recruits employees to provide facility services at Lilly. She is the fifth person hired through the new Noble Corporate Workforce Development partnership with Lilly, SBM and CBRE Facilities Management.

Trena worked at Business Enterprises for years before joining Career Discovery Exploration. Today she has a glowing smile as she says how much this new job has meant to her life.
Rec Therapy Much More Than Fun 
Article ImageLauryn giggles as she balances a plastic egg on a spoon. After counting  to three, she, her sister and Recreational Therapist Lauren White take slow motion giant steps (per Lauryn’s choice) toward the end of her living room. Of course, she gets there first and does a celebratory dance afterward.
At eight years old, Lauryn is a first grader and looks forward to her weekly rec therapy visits with Lauren. They spend their hour working on a variety of skills, but to anyone watching, it looks like they are simply playing a game.

From playing volleyball with a balloon to using a rubber mallet to whack the mechanical mole that keeps popping up on an electronic board, there is plenty of giggling.
“Miss Lauren does a great job with finding new activities for them to work on together,” notes Lauryn’s mother Jennifer. “It’s not just play. She’s teaching her things she can use in the classroom and with her four siblings.”

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